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How to fix disk quota exceeded error
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How to fix Disk Quota Exceeded

Disk quota exceeded is an error message that you get sometimes in cPanel when you try to upload a file, update the database or send an email within your control panel. Basically, this means that your account’s disk space is full, therefore, you need to...
WordPress 500 internal server error fixes
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🚫 How to Fix WordPress Errors?

It can happen that your WordPress site displays a 500 error. In most cases, this kind of error is quite simple to solve although it requires technical intervention. To learn how to fix WordPress errors, WebHostingAdvices offers to check 5 parameters and explains how to...
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How to create FTP user account in cPanel

The first thing to do to transfer files to your Internet storage and create an FTP user account on your web hosting is, in a way, the creation of access rights, you certainly have the right to access your web hosting via a control panel,...
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How to Configure Name Servers with Cloudflare DNS Management?

Cloudflare was created in 2009. Its goal was to protect websites against security threats without compromising its performance. They experimented with different methods to reduce system latency, including adding effective and advanced caching system. To benefit from all the features of this CDN that include...
how to add addon domane name
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How to add an addon Domain to my cPanel account?

So, you have a domain name that you want to add to your existing web hosting account. For the purposes of this article, assume that you already have a hosting account and that it allows you an unlimited number of domain additions. Not all web...
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