12 Best DDoS Protected VPS (2024)

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If your business owns an app, there are possibilities that it might encounter DDoS attacks at some point. The bigger your app grows, the riskier it gets. Powerful DDoS attacks can block valuable traffic from reaching your server, thus causing the business to suffer major losses. You might be looking for the Best DDoS Protected VPS provider for a variety of reasons, like running:

  • A gaming server
  • Hosting web applications
  • Discussion forums or similar websites that draw large volumes of traffic

Regardless of how you plan to use the VPS hosting, it is advisable to get a DDoS-protected VPS service.

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Best DDoS protected VPS (2024)

We have carefully evaluated the most popular VPS services based on their security features, and these are the nine best providers:

1. Liquidweb (Best Performance)


Liquidweb is one of the best choices if server performance is crucial to you. They offer premium VPS hosting services suitable for large-scale businesses and crucial projects. While the plans are relatively expensive, you get an unmatched blend of high performance and security.

In fact, Liquidweb claims to be more secure, faster, and affordable than well-known hosting providers like AWS, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean.

The fully-managed VPS service comes with reliable Free DDoS protection up to 2Gbps, dedicated IP addresses, an integrated firewall, and other features that enhance security.

liquidweb ddos protection

Security Features

  • DDoS protection for your website through Cloudflare that helps in automatically dropping the traffic starts from $15/month.
  • Liquidweb DDoS protection services include the following:
    • Protection against small targeted attacks – Available for all the plans.
    • Protection against larger targeted attacks – Only available with the Advanced and Premium plans
    • Protection against very large, complex, or sustained attacks – only available with the Premium plan
    • Protection against the Layer 7 Attacks is only available with the Premium DDoS plan.
    • The Standard and Advanced DDoS packages provide protection against Layer 4 attacks up to Volumetric, 2 Gbps, and 10 Gbps respectively whereas the premium plan offers complete protection.

2. Cloudways (Best Support)


If you are looking for a relatively cheaper VPS hosting service without compromising a lot on security and performance, Cloudways is a good choice. They have balanced affordability with quality, earning their place as one of the best DDoS-protected VPS services. Cloudways is especially great for hosting ecommerce websites, with the vast range of eCommerce-friendly features they offer.

They are currently hosting more than 10,000 ecommerce stores. The application-level security features offer an additional layer of security over the network security system.

cloudways ddos protection

Security Features

  • OS-level firewalls for all the servers.
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.
  • IP whitelisting.
  • Regular security patching.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites.
  • Advanced DDoS protection with Cloudflare.
  • Web Firewall Application (WAF) – this is a paid addon.
  • Login security through rate-limiting for SSH and SFTP logins.
  • Application isolation.
  • User role management.
  • Cloudways has partnered with the Bug Bounty Program for detecting vulnerabilities.
  • Suspicious device login control.

3. Contabo (Best Price)

vps contabo pricing

Contabo is an ideal option for smaller businesses with limited budgets. This is due to their position as one of the cheapest VPS services out there with DDoS protection. With plans starting at $8.49, they offer network-level DDoS protection, two-factor authentication, and an authorization system for every new user email account.

The cloud-based VPS service is quite reliable, with fast NVMe storage and high traffic management capabilities.

contabo ddos protection

Security Features

  • Free DDoS protection at the network level.
  • You can opt for the backup storage for these levels:
    • 100 GB FTP Storage $4.99/month
    • 50 GB FTP Storage $15.99/month
    • 1 TB FTP Storage $25.99/month
    • 2 TB FTP Storage $39.99/month
  • You can either opt for no server monitoring or full server monitoring at $12.99/month.
  • SSL certificate with a setup fee of $89.99.
  • Strict access rules for avoiding unauthorized access
NOTE: If you get hit by a DDoS attack, Contabo has a couple of minutes delay to trigger their DDoS protection.

4. InMotion Hosting

inmotion hosting

InMotion Hosting happens to be another leading VPS provider, offering excellent performance and security. They offer Corero DDoS protection, Unlimited SPAMSafe™ Email, and scheduled and live-state reports. This will help protect your server from powerful DDoS attacks and maintain continuous uptime.

InMotion Housing provides cloud-powered VPS solutions for high availability and real-time redundancy.

inmotion hosting ddos protection

Security Features

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • SSH and DDoS protection.
  • Backup Manager is priced at $72 for 3 years.
  • Live-state and scheduled snapshots.
  • Unlimited SPAMSafe™ email with IMAP.

5. Shinjiru


This Malaysia-based VPS provider is well-known for its reliability among individuals and corporations that are highly concerned about security threats. Their security infrastructure is quite robust and sophisticated, offering protection against a wide range of cyber attacks including DDoS. Shinjiru offers Offshore SSD VPS along with KVM VPS packages.

The offshore VPS packages are based on robust servers that are optimized for offshore VPS hosting specifications.

shinjiru ddos protection

Shinjiru provides 3 DDoS protection packages and you can select the package based on the level of security you need.

DDoS Protection Features

  • Layer 7 DDoS protection.
  • Sophisticated detection techniques – for statistical and behavioural analysis.
  • Clean pipe network – for cleaning internet traffic eliminating malware, spam, and viruses.

Virtual Private Server Security Features

  • 1 Gbps DDoS protection – Free and included with all the plans
  • Data backup protection is priced at $10.
  • DDoS protection becomes priced at $100 when it reaches a range between 1 Gbps – 5 Gbps.
  • Anti-hacking protection – One-time fee of $50.

6. HostGator


Well-known for its great customer service, HostGator is yet another leading VPS hosting service provider. In addition to protecting your server from DDoS attacks, they also offer a Spam Assassin feature to block spam emails.

Other security features include the SiteLock monitoring service, which will look for potential breaches and hacks on the site regularly and alert you as soon as it finds something. Overall, HostGator is a decent option for businesses and individuals with various requirements.

hostgator ddos protection

Security Features

  • Weekly offsite backups.
  • Manual and scheduled backups.
  • Extensive firewall rule and mod security rule sets for protecting the servers.
  • Free SSL certificate.

7. JavaPipe


For those who prefer to use a KVM-based VPS hosting service, JavaPipe is a good hosting solution. This hosting provider comes with an impressive DDoS mitigation capability of 750 Gbps. They combine ACLs and proprietary mitigation hardware to protect against every known type of DDoS attack. You can choose various DDoS mitigation levels as per your requirements.

Besides stellar security features, JavaPipe also offers superfast SSD storage for flawless performance.

javapipe ddos protection

Security Features

If you opt for a fully managed VPS, you are entitled to the following security features:

  • Vesta Control Panel
  • Additional 7 DDoS protection
  • PHP 5.4 with Zend Opache, APCu and IONCube Loaders
  • NGINX in Front Of Apache
  • SSL Performance and Security: HTTP/2, PFS, HSTS
  • Lifetime free SSL certificate for free
  • Google Pagespeed Modules
  • Email DKIM & RBLs
  • Easy backups and restore
  • Automatic updates

8. Knownhost


KnownHost is an extremely reliable VPS hosting provider that guarantees a 10% moneyback guarantee on your monthly bill for every 0.1% uptime drop below 99.9%. They hold a reputation for top-notch performance and customer support, besides excellent security. The security features include more than 500 Gbps of custom DDoS protection and various optimizations.

KnownHost offers unmanaged, managed and NVMe VPS hosting.

knownhost ddos protection

Security Features

  • Remote storage locations for backups
  • ImunifyAv+ – For malware scanning and protection against malware
    • ImunifyAV+ ($60.00)
    • Imunify 360 1 User ($11.00)
    • Imunify 360 30 User ($23.00)
    • Imunify 250 1 User ($32.00)
    • Imunify 360 Unlimited Users ($41.00)
  • You can also opt for Proactive Monitoring for $9.95.
  • Free SSL certificate is only available if you purchase a control panel.

9. InterServer (Cheap Dedicated Server)


You are probably looking for a VPS hosting solution because dedicated servers are much more expensive and shared hosting comes with its share of problems. However, InterServer offers dedicated hosting services at prices almost as cheap as VPS hosting, which makes them a lucrative choice.

Their DDoS protection system will keep your website online and running even during a DDoS attack. What makes InterServer protection unique is it comes with an Instant Activation feature.

interserver ddos protection

Security Features

  • 1Tbps+ Free DDoS Protection
  • Protection against Flood attacks and bad traffic
  • Managed support
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring

The passive defence feature is always active, while the on-demand protection system will activate in case of a DDoS attack. It can block UDP floods, ICMP floods, HTTP floods, SYN floods, and NTP amplification effectively.

3 Best DDoS Protection VPS for Gaming

1. OVHcloud


This VPS hosting service is your cheapest hosting solution for gaming servers with surprisingly affordable plans. These servers are based on the AMD Ryzen platform, delivering excellent performance and an amazing gaming experience. OVHcloud offers dedicated Minecraft VPS hosting with excellent scalability for resource allocation.

OVHcloud optimizes its DDoS protection system continuously so that they do not lag behind new video game releases.

ovhcloud ddos protection

Security Features

  • Anti-DDoS solution for all the servers dedicated to gaming
  • You may add game-specific profiles to the DDoS protection system
  • The anti-DDoS system is specially adapted to UDP traffic, which is used in video games
  • 1 Gbit/s bandwidth on game servers
  • Low latency

2. Hostinger


If you are specifically looking for Minecraft server hosting, Hostinger is one of the best choices. They offer a fully customizable Minecraft hosting service, with automated backups. You’ll also receive a dedicated IPv4/IPv6 address for your server, which will make DDoS protection even more effective and easier.

When buying your Minecraft server plan, you may choose from various types based on the game and the players’ requirements. Full file access and mod automatic installers will allow you to customize your game completely using third-party plugins.

hostinger ddos protection

Security Features

  • Plenty of global servers ensuring low latency
  • Highly effective anti-DDoS system
  • Reliable data backup using RAID-10 technology
  • Lag-free servers based on premium hardware
  • Automated backups

3. Gcorelabs

gcore labs

Gcorelabs is a hosting service founded particularly to support online gaming. A large number of gaming studios around the world rely on Gcorelabs for hosting services, which reflects their reliability in this field. Gcorelabs offer excellent security features that ensure protection against DDoS, bots, and other forms of attacks. The advanced DDoS protection at the transport and network levels is especially notable.

The Tier-III and Tier-IV data centers used by them are run by the world’s best data center management companies. This is a popular hosting option that is used by several gaming services.

 gcore labs ddos protection

Security Features

  • Advanced DDoS protection for servers
  • Web application DDoS protection
  • Network, data, and application firewalls
  • Secure and well-managed data centers
  • Fast performance with minimal downtime

What Factors To Consider For DDoS Hosting?

With so many hosting providers offering DDoS-protected VPS services, choosing the right solution might seem like a challenging task. Business owners should weigh their options carefully, in a detailed approach before subscribing to a VPS service.

Here’s what you should be considering:

Factor 1 – What other security features does it offer?

Check out the anti-DDoS features offered by the hosting provider to see how reliable the protection is.

For instance, different VPS providers offer DDoS protection at different levels, using various technologies. Also pay attention to other security features offered by the provider besides DDoS, against other forms of cyberattacks.

Factor 2 – How reliable is it?

Go through the details on the reliability of a VPS service and read the reviews as well. The uptime guarantee is an important aspect as any downtime on the server may result in severe losses and bad user experiences. Ideally, it’s best to go for a VPS provider that offers at least 99.9% uptime.

Try choosing a highly scalable VPS service so that you can adjust the total amount of resources and switch plans easily as per your needs.

Factor 3 – How good is its support?

It is important to choose a service provider with highly available and reliable customer support. Lack of good customer service can result in a poor experience and delays in resolving issues. Especially if you need VPS hosting for a major project, you must be able to enjoy immediate customer support when you need it.

Try to pick a VPS provider that offers 24X7 live support through chat and call.

Factor 4 – Cost for DDoS protection

While all DDoS-protected VPS services offer protection against DDoS attacks, some of them charge extra for it. As you noticed in the reviews above, some of the VPS hosting companies do not include DDoS protection in the cheaper plans.

Before you choose a hosting provider, check whether they offer VPS protection for free, provide it as a paid add-on, or require you to buy a costlier plan.


All the nine DDoS-protected VPS services we ranked above are great choices, with varying levels of affordability, reliability, security, and performance. However, these two are your best options depending on your requirements:

  • Best DDoS-protected VPS for general purposes: Liquidweb (Especially good for US and EU-based sites due to data center locations).
  • Best DDoS-protected VPS hosting for gaming: OVHcloud (Excellent global coverage, with data centers in Asia, Europe, and the US).

This review helps you to narrow down your options and choose the best DDoS-protected VPS service for your distinctive hosting needs. If you have any suggestions or if you want to add your experiences about using these hosts, mention them in the comments section.

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