Let’s see the advantages of WordPress over HTML programming and vice versa. Whatever you choose at the end of our article, we recommend that you compress all the photos and images that you upload in your back office, in order to improve the loading time of the website and therefore its traffic and performance.

When to choose the pure code…

For a small showcase site, for example, the HTML5 code makes it possible to obtain a simple and efficient site, provided that you do not add, modify or delete texts and images regularly, or make modifications by yourself.

To be able to make changes yourself, you must have good knowledge of HTML5. Changes must be made manually (for example to change the menu). In addition, most features require the purchase of scripts or more sophisticated work such as Java Script.

The work is done locally, on a computer, and the site visual, links and images are integrated into the site using HTML5 code and CSS or cascade style sheets. A database is not necessary. Moreover, the transfer of an HTML site is done easily by FTP or file transfer protocol and much faster.

No updates need to be made, which lowers costs. Without forgetting that the modifications of the site are relatively simple as works. A second language version is easy to do. However, for a WordPress site, it is a CMS or Open Source Content Management System module. So it is free and constantly evolving. There is a use of a database where the content and the container are completely separate.

In general, a site in HTML will always be lighter than a WordPress: in other words, you will have a priori a better loading time by going through code. Of course, it is better to have a WordPress with optimized web content and compressed images than a badly designed HTML site. But the final argument that tips the balance in favor of HTML lies in the lightness of the rendering.

When to choose WordPress

The WordPress site is an essential tool for laymen: it allows you to create, personalize and simply optimize a site and/or a blog; and this, for an affordable budget. It is especially recommended for the uninitiated who will want to make changes to their site themselves or make additions regularly.

For added security, the WordPress version, plug-ins, and theme should be updated frequently. You also need to make sure that the host used is efficient and appropriate. Note that it will be necessary to use a plug-in to obtain a multilingual version.

With a WordPress site, it is possible to change the theme without losing the content of the site. In addition, this module is said to be live, unlike the HTML site. But also, if you choose a WordPress site it offers a dashboard allowing you to manage the site yourself and requires no knowledge of HTML

WordPress is recommended highly for those who especially want to animate a blog, create an e-commerce store, or a professional site for a company.

If you still haven’t decided on a web hosting for your WordPress site, we invite you to check our hosting rankings to help you choose the best web hosting for your site.