Performing on your WordPress daily maintenance tasks or Preventive maintenance helps reduce the likelihood of your site failing or degrading. Maintaining your WordPress site every day may seem excessive, but if your website is useful to you daily in your professional activity, it must be maintained to guarantee its proper functioning.

To summarize, we could quote Murphy’s law: “anything likely to go wrong will necessarily go wrong”. This may seem a bit fatalistic, but preventive maintenance is the essential starting point of any maintenance policy. Prevention is better than cure.

On WordPress as on any CMS or open-source software, we are exposed to security vulnerabilities and installation must be constantly updated and saved to prevent the integrity of the site of any future malfunction.

Most actions can be automated and performed by tools.

Learn how to maintain your site all year long the actions to perform every day.


Depending on your site (blog, company, e-commerce, etc.) and, therefore, on the updating of its direct or indirect content (eg orders, comments, etc.), you must adapt the backup cycle.

What should be saved?

  • The files on your site: images, files on your server.
  • Your database.

Above all, never store your backups on the same server that hosts your site, at the risk of losing everything or having all of its files contaminated in the event of piracy.

How to save your data?

The web hosts generally offer this service, free or paid in addition to their offer, and also allow you to restore your backups directly.

It is important to back up your installations at regular intervals and especially to make sure you have incremental backups, that is to say, that a new backup overwrites the previous ones. Indeed, when a hacker obtains access to your installation, he never performs a malicious action immediately. He will prefer to wait a few weeks so that your backups are also compromised.

WordPress plugins that I recommend

Depending on the options, certain plugins are chargeable: depending on your needs, using a premium version, which may, therefore, be chargeable, may be necessary, but it is not always essential.

Monitoring / Site Uptime

Your site must be constantly accessible and you cannot alone verify that it is working properly all the time. With the help of monitoring service, be alerted by email or SMS, as soon as your site is no longer online.

These alerts can be sent by your host or by a plugin.

Site security monitoring

Around the world, a new site is hacked every second (source WordPress is one of the main CMS targeted by hackers.

It is not because WordPress is not secure (because it is!), But more because by propelling a third of the websites in the world, the quantity of sites using insecure installations is much more important.

A site can be attacked in several more or less dramatic ways for your site and your files. One of the most important points of good maintenance is having a daily scan of your site for malware and blocking intrusion attempts.

To help you do this, it is important to use a dedicated security plugin.

That’s all for the WordPress daily maintenance tasks, we try to keep it minimal and to the absolute essentials, so it would be easy for you to start 🙂

If you have any questions, do let us know on the comment section !