The use of website editors is quite frequent these days to answer the question “How to create a website?”. Wix is one of those who have stood out from the crowd. What are the unique features of its offer? What is the use of knowing the location of the infrastructure of a web editor? Where are the Wix servers located? Answer later in this article.

What are the characteristics of the editor?

Before talking about the location of Wix servers, let’s take a look at this website builder to find out more about it. The first thing to know is that he is not just a website editor. Indeed, it is also a highly reputable web host in the field. The brand’s motto is quite telling: create a site that suits you.

This editing and creation platform allows you to create sites for your liking and without having any programming or graphics skills. Fascinating, isn’t it? It is the least we can say. On the other hand, the role of localizing Wix servers is much more based on its hosting side. We will provide more details on this immediately.

Why do you need to know the location of Wix servers?

The location of the servers of a web host is a parameter on which we can rely to make a choice because of the strategic advantages that result from it. The first point is the ranking on search engines. For example, If a French user searches your industry, your site is more likely to be at the top of the list if it is hosted in France.

The next advantage is related to the response time of requests. The response time of websites varies more or less depending on where they are hosted. Take, for example, two Internet users, one of who is French and the other American. If the two have the same bandwidth and try to access a French site, the response time of French will be shorter.

What is the location of Wix server?

This Israeli publisher has infrastructures all over the world and especially in Europe and the United States. As the website builder reports, the server uptime is 99.8%. This means that the sites are online 99.8% of the time. The location of Wix’s servers takes into account market demand, and these are permanently maintained.

We do not have specific details regarding the location of the servers of the Wix website editor because the latter did not wish to communicate this information publicly. However, as described above, you will find a large number in the United States and Europe to satisfy the greatest number.

We are at the end of this article on the localization of Wix servers. As you can see, this platform has distributed its infrastructure strategically around the world based on the needs of its customers. Europe and the United States are strongly covered in the list, and the other continents are not to be outdone either.