Creating your own site is anything but easy. You have to be careful not to crash at the risk of having to start all over from the beginning. Things are even more complicated if you have little technical knowledge. The best alternatives for you are to use a WordPress page builder or the website builder which we will tell you about right now.

Easy of use and handling
Quality models and templates
Interesting rights of management
Convincing SEO optimization
Email account not included
Slightly disappointing language management

Our opinion on Weebly will allow you to discover one of the best website builders in 2020. You will be surprised to find that you can create your own website or e-commerce.

The history of Weebly and presentation of the tool

Created in 2007, Weebly is a web editor which differs from other CMS by its 3 in 1 plan. In fact, your subscription gives you the right to a domain name, web hosting and a site creation tool.

It is one of the few software to offer a drag-and-drop website builder. This is, moreover, its main strength. Most reviews on Weebly mention this ease of use. However, pricing is also one of the major advantages of this software.

Our Weebly Pricing Review

We cannot give you our opinion on Weebly regarding pricing without having presented its free plan to you.

The latter will allow you to create your site for free, but you will obviously not have the same advantages as a paid subscriber. For example, you will not be able to use your personal domain name, but a subdomain containing the name of the publisher.

This plan is also not suitable for the creation of an online store. In addition, in return for free, an advertising bar will appear on all your pages.

But rest assured, this free plan is powerful enough to allow you to rate the publisher and get a first opinion on Weebly.


This is the basic package from Weebly. It gives you the right to a free domain name valid for one year, unlimited storage space and telephone assistance. The statistics of your site are much more precise.

With the Starter offer, you can also set up an e-commerce site. However, in view of the results obtained during our test, we do not recommend this option. Indeed, you will not be able to exceed the limit of 10 products. In addition, each time you place an order, Weebly will charge you 3% of its value. So it’s not the ideal solution for making big profits.

But our opinion on this basic offer from Weebly is still positive. Indeed, its pricing is only $5/month and it has the positive point of ending all advertising on your site.


Our opinion on Weebly 2020 also relates to its Pro offer. The latter includes all the features of the Starter plan and more. For example, you will be entitled to a password to protect your site as well as to an internal search engine.

You also have the option of creating a “member area” for your most privileged customers. However, the number of people who can register in this area is limited to 100. But what we appreciated the most during our test is the fact that we can add videos with a few clicks in the background and customizing the footer.

In addition, in the event of difficulties, you can contact the telephone support whose help is included in the plan. The pricing of the Pro offer is a key point in our opinion on Weebly. Indeed, you will just have to pay $12 per month to access all the features that we have just mentioned.


For $25/month, the Business plan offers you significant advantages. First, the products you offer in your online store go from 10 to 25. But still, you can now offer digital products and promotional codes.

You will surely appreciate the integration of a delivery calculator on your site as well as the possibility of managing your inventory. In addition, the number of customers that you can integrate into your “member area” space is now unlimited.

Our opinion on this Weebly plan is more than positive. We have noted, for example, that there are no more transaction fees on the products sold. In addition, a free SSL certificate guarantees the security of your site.

Our review on the Weebly blog themes catalog

The publisher’s catalog is not very large, but it is quite colorful. You will find themes that will certainly match your theme. Find out by reading what is our opinion on Weebly in relation to this point.


There are few templates offered by the publisher, but they have the advantage of being of fairly good quality.

These themes are already organized into categories which will allow you to find yourself more easily. This is a positive point for our review on Weebly.

You will therefore find in the “Featured” category, all of the themes most popular with the supplier’s customers. The other categories are as follows: Blog, Online Store, Business, Event, Personal and Portfolio.

You will find there the “templates” necessary to launch your e-commerce site, create your company’s showcase or present your CV. You will also have something to put your artistic creations or an event forward.

Each of these “templates” is in “responsivemode, which will allow you to view your site from any medium. This is also an essential point in our review on Weebly. But, the most interesting point here remains the possibility of customizing your theme.

The Weebly page editor

Quality themes

In the past, Weebly’s themes were criticized for their low quality. But the publisher has managed to win back its customers by now offering a reduced number of quality themes, rich in color and customizable.

Customizable themes

Our opinion on Weebly themes is that they are generally easy to customize. However, the level of customization you can achieve depends largely on your knowledge.

If you are a novice, you can for example change the colors and fonts of the theme and export these parameters to another project. You can also switch from one theme to another in just a few clicks.

However, to be able to modify the header, footer and structure of your pages you must have advanced knowledge.

Ease of use

Regarding the simplicity of its use, our opinion on Weebly is obvious. You do not need advanced technical knowledge to be able to create your site with this editor.

Note also the simplicity of the interface of the website builder. So it’s very easy to find your way around.

Create your site without being an expert

To carry out our review on Weebly, we proceeded to create our site ourselves. And the operation turned out to be quite easy.

Thanks to a simple site builder, you can build your own with a simple drag and drop. You can also customize your site using unique and advanced fonts and animation effects.

Do you want to create professional photos? We discovered during our test that you will not have to leave your site for this. In addition, you do not have to worry about the technical details related to your site: your editor takes care of it! Either way, if you’re having trouble, you can always ask for help from the Weebly community or customer support.

We could already give you our opinion on this aspect of Weebly, but we will reserve it for later.

How to add items and pages

Here too, our review on Weebly is quite positive. Indeed, a simple drag and drop is enough to add new elements to your site. The publisher even took the trouble to organize by category the various elements that might interest you.

Thus, by selecting the Basic category, you can add text, an image, or a button. The Media category allows you to insert a document, an audio file or a video.

In the Structure, E-commerce and More categories, you will find elements such as an area to display your products. You can also add a section, a divider or a search block to your site. All these categories have an important weight on our opinion on Weebly.

The Third Party category will allow you to add additional tools such as an event calendar or a Color Box to your site. These tools are actually offered by other publishers.

The detail that makes our Weebly opinion on this positive point is the possibility of personalizing each element. You can do this by adding your content through the menu behind the item.

Online store

It is unthinkable to give a review on Weebly before making sure that the solution is perfectly suited for putting an online store.

Our opinion on store management

Here, the editor provides you with trade management tools that will allow you to easily manage your online store. So, whether it is to place orders or sell your products online, you will not encounter any difficulties.

You can even encourage your customers to make a purchase by posting the number of products you have left in store on your site. This is possible thanks to inventory tracking software offered with the Business plan.

Our review on Weebly with regard to stock management? Very positive.

Our opinion on integrated analytics

Thanks to the integrated analysis tools made available to you by Weebly, you can develop an effective sales policy. For example, a “tax calculator” will be made available to you which automatically calculates the VAT applicable on your products. In addition, thanks to the “Coupon generator”, you will be able to offer discounts to your customers.

Now let’s talk about an important point about our Weebly review. It may happen that some of your customers forget to validate their purchases or empty their basket. In this case, the “Lost Cart Recovery” tool will send them an automatic reminder email. But to benefit from this functionality, you must subscribe to a Performance package.

Finally, you can reassure your customers about the security of their personal data, because you have an SSL protocol. So, so far, what’s your take on Weebly 2020?

Our opinion on payment processing

With this editor, you will be able to accept several payment methods from your customers. This is already a positive point for our opinion on Weebly.

Among the payment modules available to you, you have Stripe. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to accept payments by credit card. It is reserved for holders of a Starter or Pro package.

Here, the transaction costs are not very advantageous. Depending on your turnover, these costs will vary from 1.4% to 2.9%. To this, it will be necessary to add a direct debit of $0.25 per transaction as well as the 3% invoiced by Weebly for each order.

If you have a Business plan, you can accept PayPal. But rest assured, during our test, we found that it was possible to pay both by PayPal and by credit card.

With this module, transaction costs are a little less restrictive. For example, Weebly no longer collects your orders. However, the fees will be 1.4% to 3.4% plus $0.25 per transaction.

So far, our opinion on Weebly is reserved, because these different costs could quickly weigh on your profits.

On the other hand, if you opt for the Business plan, you will be totally relieved of the various transaction costs. In addition, there is no limit to the number of products you can put online.

Custom domain name

For your online store, you have the choice between a free domain name or a paid domain name.

However, during our test, we found that in fact free domain name, it is more of a subdomain. Thus, your domain name will look like this:

You can also choose to acquire a new domain name. This one will not have the name of the publisher and you can customize it to your liking. You will also be able to use your old domain name as was the case for our opinion on Weebly.

Any of the above does not convince you to choose this publisher to launch your e-commerce site? Note that from the Business plan, you can also sell ebooks or offer video training in your online store. Without further ado, let’s go to the SEO part of this Weebly review.

Weebly and SEO

If there is one point that absolutely cannot be overlooked when you design your site, it is its SEO. We therefore sought to know during our opinion on Weebly if the sites designed with this publisher are “Google-friendly”.

To be well referenced on Google, your site must have good quality content, but also be perfectly optimized. Our Weebly test allowed us to touch on the referencing tools put in place by the editor for the benefit of its customers.

First, we noticed that most of the basic SEO functionalities are available. For example, you will have access to a sitemap and a tag for the meta description. This is a positive point in our review, because it is a good way to quickly find your site by entering a few keywords.

However, if you are at the top of Google search results, you will need much more.


With this service provider, you don’t need to be a premium customer to be able to configure your pages. To do this, you must first click on the “SEO settings” window.

From this moment, you can define your page title, the permalink, the Meta description and the Meta keywords yourself. You can also choose whether or not to index your page. This option blocks referencing of your article until you have finished processing it.

At this stage, our opinion on Weebly is rather reserved, especially compared to Wix because we would have appreciated having access to more advanced SEO tools. For example, you will not be able to add tags like “rel = canonical” and “lang”.

Connection speed

One of the highlights of our review for Weebly 2020 is the loading speed. It’s definitely fast and smooth. Also, whether you have plans to create a classic website, a blog or set up an online store, you will have no worries.

Other Weebly Features

Creation of a "Members" area

By subscribing to the Pro package, you have the possibility of dedicating a “member area” to some of your visitors.

To have access to this space, they must register with their email address. Thus, you post restricted content such as an invitation for a VIP event for example.

Despite the limitations of this feature, our review of Weebly on it is far from critical. In fact, your “member area” cannot contain more than 100 members. But if you want to be able to add as many members as you want, you just need to subscribe to a Business plan.

Our opinion on technical support

Our Weebly review allowed us to discover a truly comprehensive after-sales service. In addition to traditional customer support, the publisher provides its customers with several other means of help.


Weebly’s blog contains an example of articles that address the questions most frequently asked by its users. By consulting them, you could get an idea of how to build your site.

FAQs and tutorials

To help you find your way more easily, the editor has divided the most common questions into four groups. By clicking on the window corresponding to your concern you will certainly find the answers you need.

Customer support

Customer support can be reached by email, chat or phone call. The first two means are made available to all Weebly users without exception. But you need at least a Pro plan to be able to speak directly to a technician on the phone.

Anyway, during the writing of our review on Weebly, we had all the desired answers.


You now know almost as much as we do about this web editor. As you can see, we liked it a lot, but we think it remains a little behind its direct competitor, Wix. But it remains a good Wix alternative overall.

But to make your own objective opinion on Weebly, we recommend that you take a test for yourself.

For this, you can choose the free plan. But, a paid plan will allow you to better understand the performance of the tool, especially since it is covered by a 30-day warranty.