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For those interested in Linux hosting, I’m here reviewing the Starter Linux hosting plan with cPanel from GoDaddy.

As a web developer, I’m fortunate to manage the websites of my clients using different types of hosting plans. Some of my clients use GoDaddy’s Starter Linux hosting, so I received first-hand experience of using this service.

Based on this experience, I’m able to write this detailed review about GoDaddy’s Starter Linux hosting with cPanel so that everyone knows the suitability of this plan for their needs.

If you are in a hurry and would like to know about this service from GoDaddy in short, I’d say that the Starter Linux hosting from GoDaddy is not worth your money in any case. It is slow, offers very limited features, and is certainly not ideal for any business.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the discussion to know more about GoDaddy’s Linux offering.

godaddy linux hosting

What is Starter Linux hosting with cPanel GoDaddy?

As the name suggests, Starter Linux hosting is an entry-level plan from GoDaddy. It is a low-cost Linux hosting solution that allows you to enter the online world even when you have a tight budget.

NOTE: The Starter plan is only available when you select India as your country/region from the footer of GoDaddy’s website.

godaddy starter plan country

Features of GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting plan

Now let’s have a look at the most important features offered by this plan from GoDaddy:

Number of websites

Starter Linux hosting allows you to host a single website.


It comes with 10 GB of NVMe SSD storage.

App installation

The Starter hosting plan allows you to install over 150 apps, including WordPress, with a single click.

godaddy starter plan app installation


GoDaddy offers unmetered bandwidth with this entry-level Linux plan.


The plan features 512 MB of RAM.


You will receive 1 MySQL database of 1 GB.

Here are the GoDaddy Starter plan features at a glance:

godaddy starter plan features

How much does the GoDaddy Starter plan cost?

The GoDaddy Starter plan is available at the best price of $3.99 per month. Here is a table showing the introductory cost of this GoDaddy Linux hosting plan for different billing periods:

Billing period The initial monthly cost of the GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting The total initial cost of the GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting
120 months $3.99 $478.80
60 months $3.99 $239.40
36 months $3.99 $143.64
24 months $3.99 $95.76
12 months $3.99 $47.88
6 months $4.99 $29.94
3 months $4.99 $14.97
1 month $4.99 $4.99

Here is a screenshot of the GoDaddy Checkout page showing different billing periods:

godaddy starter plan billing periods

The renewal cost of the Starter Linux hosting plan from GoDaddy remains the same at $3.99 per month when renewing for a 1-year term or longer and $4.99 per month when renewing for a term shorter than one year.

godaddy starter plan renewal cost

Important considerations about the cost of GoDaddy Starter plan

Before paying for the Starter Linux plan, you need to understand certain important cost-related aspects:

The price difference in the local currency

When you change the currency to Indian Rupee (INR), you will notice a considerable difference in the cost of this plan in the local currency. The introductory price is ₹99 per month which turns out to be $1.31 at the time of writing this article.

godaddy starter plan price in inr

The introductory prices for other billing periods also differ:

Billing period The initial monthly cost of GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting The total initial cost of GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting
120 months ₹99 ₹11880
60 months ₹99 ₹5940
36 months ₹99 ₹3564
24 months ₹149 ₹3576
12 months ₹169 ₹2028
6 months ₹179 ₹1074
3 months ₹179 ₹537
1 month ₹199 ₹199

godaddy starter plan price list in inr

The renewal cost in the local currency is ₹199 per month which turns out to be $2.63 currently. On the Checkout page, however, you will find that the renewal cost is ₹179 per month for a 1-year term and above.

godaddy starter plan renewal price in inr

So purchasing this plan from India or through someone you know in the country will be beneficial for you.

Unnecessary upsells

GoDaddy offers addons with its different hosting plans, including the Starter Linux hosting with cPanel. You do not need to invest in these additional services since they are not at all necessary and will only increase your bill.

GoDaddy Starter hosting plan review: Pros & Cons

Now that you know the features and cost of the GoDaddy Starter hosting plan, let’s look at its pros and cons:

Pros of GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting

  • The biggest benefit of this plan is its pricing since it is the cheapest Linux plan offered by the host and can fit well into everyone’s budget.
  • You will receive unmetered bandwidth with this plan allowing you to transfer any amount of data.
  • It is free and easy to install apps with the availability of over 150 free apps and a 1-click installation feature.
  • GoDaddy offers 24/7 expert support with the Starter hosting plan so you can contact them in case of need.
  • The plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, thereby allowing you to try the service for a month.
  • Though the list of features excludes the availability of a free domain with an annual plan, you will receive it on the Checkout page.

godaddy starter plan free domain

Cons of GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting

  • The biggest problem with the GoDaddy Starter plan is speed as it provides extremely slow website load times.
  • The CPU and memory resource limits get exhausted quite quickly when your website starts growing and receiving moderate traffic. The limit might also max out on using memory-consuming WordPress plugins like Wordfence.
  • Though the Starter plan is the cheapest offering from GoDaddy, you do not receive the quality equal to the price you pay for this plan. Your website will become extremely slow and might even experience regular crashes because of limited resources.
  • Considering the costs in local currency, the renewal price of the Starter plan is double the initial cost.
  • GoDaddy support executives are friendly but are not available 24/7, as mentioned. Reaching them is extremely slow and might take around 30 minutes when you try to connect with an executive via live chat. With limited access to the files on your server, they might not be able to help you much in case a technical issue arises. Also, support tickets are a premium feature that should be available for free.
  • GoDaddy does not offer a free SSL certificate with this plan whereas you can easily get one for free with the host’s competitors. The screenshot below shows the availability of SSL with higher-level Linux hosting plans from GoDaddy and its non-availability with the Starter plan:

godaddy starter plan no ssl

Who is GoDaddy’s Starter Linux hosting plan for?

GoDaddy’s Starter hosting plan is suitable for you when you are a beginner and want to experience the online world. You can also use this plan for building a small website representing your works or portfolio.

In some cases, it might be suitable for creating a website for a business startup, but not when you are expecting to receive moderate or high traffic immediately on the launch.

Should you choose the Starter plan with GoDaddy?

No, GoDaddy’s Starter Linux hosting plan is not the best option available in this price range. With an increase in the number of complaints from its existing customers, the reputation of the host is getting worse with time.

GoDaddy’s server performance is very poor and renewal rates for all its services are high. You will find many other options in the same price range offering you much better features and quality, like the plans offered by Bluehost.

3 Alternatives to the GoDaddy Starter plan

With the declining trust in GoDaddy and its offerings, let’s look at some of the alternatives to the GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting plan here:

1. Bluehost Basic Plan

The Bluehost Basic plan provides you with all the features of the GoDaddy Starter plan while also giving you access to a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster load times. On top of that, Bluehost also offers a free SSL certificate with this entry-level plan, unlike GoDaddy.

godaddy starter plan alternative bluehost basic

2. Hostinger Single Shared hosting plan

The Hostinger Single Shared plan offers much more features than the GoDaddy Starter hosting plan. You will receive 100 websites, a free SSL certificate, and free emails too.

hostinger web hosting plans homepage

3. DreamHost Shared Starter plan

The Shared Starter plan from DreamHost comes with a free SSL certificate, unlike the GoDaddy Starter hosting plan. It also provides you with free privacy protection, free email addresses, and automated backups, thereby making it a better alternative to the Godaddy plan.

godaddy starter plan alternative dreamhost shared starter

Verdict: GoDaddy Starter hosting plan review

GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting is a beginner-friendly plan that provides an affordable solution to experience the online world. If you want to build a website having extremely limited content that will receive low traffic, this plan might fit your bill.

But in most cases, the GoDaddy Starter plan is not worth your money. Your website will operate extremely slow, thereby putting off your prospective clients.

Additionally, the plan offers very limited server resources that get exhausted quite soon. So in my opinion, this GoDaddy Starter plan is not ideal for any business. You must look for better alternatives, discussed above, to choose a Linux plan that best fits your current needs.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Can I host more than one domain on my Starter plan with GoDaddy?

No, The GoDaddy Starter plan supports the hosting of a single domain only.

Does GoDaddy Starter Linux hosting come with email?

No, GoDaddy does not offer a free email with its Starter Linux plan, unlike its competitors.

Can you pay GoDaddy monthly?

Yes, GoDaddy accepts monthly payments too along with other billing periods.

godaddy starter plan monthly payment

Is GoDaddy worth the money?

Considering the increasing complaints from its existing customers, GoDaddy is not worth your money. Its servers perform poorly so you will never get the quality for the price you pay for its services.

Why is GoDaddy hosting bad?

GoDaddy was a reliable host earlier but not anymore. Its reputation is declining consistently with a rising number of dissatisfied customers. Slow server performance and inadequate customer support make GoDaddy a bad hosting choice.

Are GoDaddy websites fast?

No, GoDaddy websites are not fast since the host’s servers deliver slow performance.

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