Squarespace vs DreamHost

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Squarespace vs DreamHost are both two great service providers that will help you and your business in creating a website. These two brands compete against one another in the provision of their services. While both tend to be rivals to one another, which out of both is the best? To decide that, first we will have to figure out what both these service providers do. While Squarespace is a tool for website building, DreamHost works a little differently in that it works as a hosting space provider.

Squarespace vs DreamHost

We know that it’s not an easy choice because both are amazing service providers for your business. Hence, there is a need to compare both the web providers to choose the better of the two. Let’s see the differences and decide.


Squarespace is a tool for website building that is designed solely for solopreneurs and small business owners. Founded in 2004, it developed as a way for amateurs to develop and manage their website and has not empowered millions of websites around the world.

The basics 

To start with Squarespace, you just need to make an account, then choose a template of your choice for your website, and start making edits according to your need. This platform supports some creative, award-winning templates for your website. It gives an overview of your website with reports and analytics. Squarespace offers easy built-in tools for small business owners and bloggers to design and set their websites easily. More so, it supports e-commerce functions, SEO tools, and easy social media integration as well. Squarespace supports strong live chat services.

Packages and pricing 

Squarespace supports four different plans in the prices enlisted below.

  1. Personal – $16/month
  2. Business – $26/month
  3. Basic commerce – $35/month
  4. Advanced commerce – $54/month

Discounts of 25% to 30% are applied to the fees above, based on the plan you choose if you decide to pay upfront for the year. Squarespace also offers a two-week trial period before buying.


Squarespace has very simple and easy-to-use features. Since everything is streamlined perfectly, the setup and editing are as easy as they can get. The platform has undergone several additions and the latest version serves as a great website for starters. Artists can showcase their art portfolios, or businesses can use Squarespace to build their websites. The latest version 7.1 allows greater customization than ever before.


DreamHost is a very well-known platform among digital marketers and developers. Starting in 1996, they now host 1.5 million websites. This platform is a web hosting service for all businesses, whether small or large.

The basics

DreamHost is a great option for website owners because of its high quality and low price. It is an inclusive web hosting service that works for all businesses. It supports high-level technology and SSDs, making it easier for users to edit their control panels easily. DreamHost works with popular apps like WordPress and offers bandwidth and unlimited storage, backups, and 24/7 customer support.

Packages and pricing 

DreamHost offers 5 different packages for web hosting that include:

  • Shared web hosting – $2.95 to $4.95/month
  • DreamPress WordPress hosting – $16.95 to $71.95/month
  • VPS hosting – $10 to $80/month
  • DreamCompute cloud hosting – $4.50 to $48/month
  • Dedicated server hosting – $149 to $279/month

All the plans offered here have 24/7 customer support and a 97-days for money-back guarantee. Moreover, the prices are not increased over time.


DreamHost is one of the best web hosting services that have been trusted by many websites for their hosting. One thing that makes this web hosting company stand out is the amazing month-to-month pricing plans offered for hosting. Moreover, it provides the most affordable web hosting in the market today.

A comparison of both showed that certain amazing features are supported by both ends, making it hard to decide which one is the best amongst the two.

Which is better? 

To say which is better would depend on your skill and how you are going to use the platform for creating your website. Squarespace gives you some amazing customization features that are suitable for everyone, regardless of their skill. This platform, we suggest is better if you are a newbie or are getting started with website building. On the other hand, DreamHost offers great scalability to help you design your website in whatever way you want. If you have some technical knowledge and want to use WordPress, DreamHost would be a better option.

Factors to consider when buying a web host 

A few factors should be considered when choosing a web host.

  1. Price

Every web host provider out there will have a different price for the features offered. You must search to find the best features being offered at the most reasonable price.

  1. Availability 

You must consider the availability of the service you wish to use. It’s always recommended to use a service that has an annual score of 99.5% or above.

  1. Backups

It is essential to select a web hosting service that offers multiple backups of the website files on the server. A backup can always be handy in cases of cyber-attacks, or hard disk failure.

  1. Scalability 

Scalability means that you should choose a hosting provider that can support your needs even when your traffic grows. It’s best to go for a company that supports your growth.

Types of hosting 

There are three types of web hosting.

  1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting is one of the least expensive options and the easiest as well. It is suited for small and new sites that often have low amounts of traffic. Here space is shared between many sites, hence making it low cost, or even free.

  1. VPS hosting 

VPS hosting stands between dedicated and shared hosting so that the load on shared hosting is reduced and control is also maintained over the site. This offers space and flexibility to allow more traffic.

  1. Dedicated server hosting 

This is the top-tier hosting where clients may rent one web server exclusively for one site or related sites. It gives users complete control over everything linked to the website, but it can be a costly option.

How to get fast speed hosting at cheap deals

If you want to get the fastest speed hosting offers at the lowest costs, follow these steps.

  1. Search the list of different hosting companies and enlist your top choices.
  2. Make a comparison of what each one offers
  3. Compare the pricing
  4. Choose the best hosting provider
  5. Check if it offers promotional packages
  6. Also, check for coupons before making your payment.


Is Squarespace a better option or DreamHost? We have made a comparison of the features, pricing, and performance. Which one works best and is suited to your needs? That choice is yours to make!

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