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SiteGround has been serving the needs of a wide variety of website owners since its inception fifteen years ago. It is committed to providing an excellent user experience with its high-quality customized hosting solutions.

But this customization might not be enough for you. You might want to transfer your website to another web hosting for varied reasons. But what about the amount you invested in purchasing the services of SiteGround?

Do I get a refund if I cancel SiteGround services?

siteground web hosting

Yes, you might get a refund if you cancel your SiteGround subscription. SiteGround does have a refund policy and you do get your money back if you cancel your SiteGround services. But not everyone is eligible for a refund under SiteGround’s money-back policy.

Let us find out if you are eligible under SiteGround’s Refund Policy.

Am I eligible for SiteGround Refund Policy?

SiteGround’s Money Back Policy is your sole remedy when you decide to terminate your shared hosting subscription with the company. It is, therefore, important to find out if you are eligible for a refund or not as per the host’s terms and conditions.

Here are some important considerations for deciding your eligibility for a refund from SiteGround:

1) SiteGround Hosting services that are customized just for you are not eligible for a refund. These include:

  • Domain name registrations
  • SSL certificates
  • Dedicated server services
  • Backup creation services
  • Backup restore services
  • Third-party services
  • Paid support services

2) Even if your domain name fee was cancelled initially as part of a special promotion, it might become due upon cancellation. In other words, domain name fees are non-refundable in all cases.

3) If you wish to terminate an individual SiteGround account of your Reseller package, you won’t be eligible for a refund. Cancelling your complete Reseller package within 30 days of SiteGround account activation will make you eligible for a refund from SiteGround.

4) You can cancel the initial orders for Shared hosting services within 30 days of account activation.

5) The initial orders for Cloud accounts can be canceled within 14 days of account activation for becoming eligible under SiteGround’s money-back policy.

6) The renewal orders are also eligible for a full refund if the renewal term has not yet started. You will, however, need to request cancellation and refund within 30 days of making the payment.

7) If you decide to cancel your SiteGround subscription and get a refund after the renewal term has started, you can still be eligible for a partial refund. The amount due for the first month of the renewal term will be deducted from the amount paid by you and the balance will be refunded.

8) For successful cancellations and refunds, post your request from your Client Area.

How do I get a refund from Siteground?

Now that you are aware of your eligibility for SiteGround’s refund policy, let us discuss the steps involved in cancelling your SiteGround subscription for benefiting from the 30-days money-back guarantee. These easy steps will sail you through the cancellation process very quickly:

Step 1

Log in to your SiteGround’s ‘User Area’ and click on the ‘Billing’ tab to stop the future billing process.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 1

Step 2

Under the ‘Billing Navigation’ column, click on the ‘Cancel Services’ tab for canceling the services you no longer require.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 2

The next page will show up the list of all your subscriptions or the services you have purchased from SiteGround. If you have purchased many services from the host, they will show up one under the other and you might need to scroll down to the bottom to view them all.

Step 3

Click the checkbox corresponding to the service/services you want to cancel.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 3

The above image shows only one service for cancellation, you can select multiple services at the same time.

Step 4

After cross-checking the services you have selected, click on the ‘Proceed with cancellation’ button available at the end of the list.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 4

A click on this button will take you to a page with two important cancellation-related questions to answer. The first one asks you about the time to cancel your services while the second one relates to the reason which led to this cancellation.

Step 5

Select the time to cancel the service/services that you selected earlier. You can either choose to cancel them ‘at expiration’ or immediately. In case you consider selecting immediate cancellation of services, you must maintain a backup of your website data.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 5

Step 6

Select the reason for cancelling the SiteGround services to answer the next question on this page. If you don’t find the appropriate reason, you can select the last option ‘Other’ to proceed further.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 6

Step 7

Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on the ‘Proceed with cancellation’ button.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 7

If you have any doubts about the selection of an answer, you can always contact the SiteGround support team via Live Chat or Call. The host displays the customer support number and link for initiating a live chat at the bottom of this page.

A click on the ‘Proceed with cancellation’ button will take you to a page confirming the cancellation of your SiteGround services.

Step 8

You need to confirm that you want to cancel your SiteGround services by clicking on the ‘Proceed with cancellation’ button again.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 8

This page again displays the customer support number and a link for live chat for clearing any doubts.

Clicking on the confirmation click will take you to a page showing up the calculation of your SiteGround refund amount. SiteGround is pretty transparent in financial matters and allows you to check the calculation it has performed for refund initiation. This is your last chance to calculate your dues properly and match the amount with the one displayed by SiteGround.

Step 9

Check the SiteGround refund amount calculated by SiteGround due to you on the cancellation of your web hosting services.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 9

Step 10

Once you are satisfied with SiteGround’s calculation, you shall consider the other elements displayed on this page. The bottom part of this page asks you about the mode of compensation. You can select the desired compensation method here out of the two options presented – transferring the refund amount to your SiteGround wallet or transferring it directly to your original payment mode.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 10

Though the time mentioned in the second option shows that the refund might take up to 21 days to show up in your bank account, this is the maximum time mentioned by the host. You can expect to receive the refund amount much earlier.

Step 11

Once you have selected the desired mode of compensation, you need to confirm your intention to cancel the services you have purchased from the host. Click the checkbox for confirming your cancellation intentions and click on the ‘Confirm Cancellation’ button.

If i cancel SiteGround service do i get a refund step 11

A click on the ‘Confirm Cancellation’ button will take you to a page showing the successful completion of your cancellation request.

refund policy success messageYou will also receive an email communicating the successful completion of your cancellation request. You must consider keeping this email in case you change your mind later.

refund policy success confirmation email

This completes your cancellation process and the status of your SiteGround service will be updated as ‘Suspended’ as shown below.

refund policy status update

If you ever change your mind and wish to renew the services you just canceled, you can do that as well. Just click on the ‘Renew’ button next to the service you want to renew.

Siteground renew option


You can also renew the services you just canceled from the confirmation email by following the ‘My Accounts’ link.

Siteground renewal email

That is all about SiteGround’s service cancellation process for claiming the refund under its money back guarantee. The whole process took us around 18 to 20 minutes from start to end. If you follow the step-by-step process mentioned above, you won’t find any issues in carrying the cancellation process. Of course, you must ensure to check your eligibility beforehand.

Let us now address some other important aspects related to SiteGround’s Refund Policy. Here are some considerations related to the refund policy of the host that you might have:

In what form will I receive a refund from SiteGround?

You can either receive a refund in the original payment mode you used while ordering a shared hosting service or via the SiteGround wallet. Let us find out when should you choose one option over the other:

When should I receive a refund in my SiteGround wallet?

If you wish to continue using other services rendered by SiteGround, you may choose to receive the refund amount in your SiteGround wallet. Once your online wallet is credited, you can use this amount only for making purchases on the SiteGround website.

When should I receive a refund via the original payment mode?

If you do not wish to use the services offered by SiteGround at all, you must consider choosing the original payment mode for receiving the refund amount. If you made the payment via credit card or online bank transfer, your amount will start reflecting in your credit card statement or bank statement.

There is no binding to use this amount for making purchases on the SiteGround website, you can use this amount however you may like.

Useful Tip: Since receiving compensation via original payment mode allows you to use your refund amount anywhere you desire, we suggest you to consider selecting this option when asking for a refund. It won’t bind you to purchase SiteGround’s services in the future. However, you can always get back to SiteGround if you wish by making a payment directly from your bank account.

In what timeframe will I receive a refund from SiteGround?

Once your cancellation request is accepted, you can, then, expect to receive a refund from SiteGround soon. The host i.e. SiteGround processes all the refunds within 10 working days after your service is canceled.

Though the maximum timeframe for receiving the refund amount is mentioned as 10 days by the host, you can expect to receive it sooner. As per our experience, the amount paid via SiteGround wallet is processed in an hour while the amounts paid by other methods are processed in a day.

What is refundable and what isn’t refundable under SiteGround’s policy?

For making it easy for you to understand, here is the division of SiteGround services into refundable and non-refundable under its 30-days money-back guarantee:

Refundable services Non-refundable services
Shared hosting plans Domain name registrations
Cloud hosting plans SSL certificates
Reseller packages as a whole Dedicated server services
Renewal orders (full or partial refund depending on usage) Third-party services
_ Backup creation services
_ Backup restore services
_ Paid support services
_ Domain name fees
_ Domain name privacy
_ Cancellation of the individual reseller account
_ Customized hosting solutions

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The Bottom Line

SiteGround does offer a full refund on eligible service cancellations. You might even be eligible for a partial SiteGround refund in some cases. The service cancellation process is extremely easy to perform if you follow our above guide step by step to cancel your SiteGround services and get a refund.

Don’t forget to take a backup of your website data before initiating the cancellation process as you might not be able to retrieve it from SiteGround later.

Furthermore, if you are considering moving to a new web hosting, you can go with Cloudways, or you can check this carefully selected list of WordPress hosting providers that have some of the best features and annual prices out there.

You can give them a try if you like, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected by money-back guarantee.

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