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SiteGround is a reputable website hosting company, offering high-quality and affordable hosting solutions. It is one of the top choices for shared website hosting today and provides three unique plans – Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The premium plan, GoGeek, is priced at $14.99/month, which might seem expensive initially. However, it is the most powerful shared hosting plan with several features and the ability to manage slightly high-traffic websites.

It is a complete package, which allows you to host unlimited small and medium-sized websites. Additionally, you get up to 40GB of storage space, unmetered bandwidth, automated daily backup, Advanced Priority Support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Most importantly, it is 4x faster than any good shared hosting plan in the market today.

This article covers a complete review of the SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan.

SiteGround GoGeek Review – Pros & Cons

siteground gogeek hosting plan


  • Excellent Features: It is perhaps the best semi-dedicated website hosting service with features and powerful servers like VPS.
  • 4x Faster Hosting: GoGeek plan offers 4x faster-hosting speed than any standard shared hosting server.
  • Reliable Uptime: 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is quite impressive and they live up to it. Their robust monitoring software notifies an outage immediately and they would work quickly to resolve such issues.
    siteground servers uptime
  • Host Unlimited Websites: Despite being a shared website hosting plan, GoGeek allows you to host any number of websites.
  • Supports High Traffic: The GoGeek plan is designed for low traffic, average traffic, and also resource-intensive and high traffic websites. You can consider this web hosting plan even if you have more than 100,000 visits per month.
  • Advanced Priority Support: In addition to 24/7 customer support, GoGeek users enjoy priority service. This means their issues are assigned to the most experienced support agents on priority.
  • Fast Website Loading Time: SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan is powered by advanced speed technology that helps minimize website loading times. Websites hosted on SiteGround experience an average load time of 1.3 seconds, which is relatively better than the industry average loading time of 4.7 seconds.
    siteground server configuration
  • Features: The GoGeek plan provides all the essential and premium features like pre-installed Git, free PCI compliance, and premium backup and restoration services.
  • Free SSL Certificate: The GoGeek plan provides a free SSL certificate.



  • Limited Inodes: GoGeek package does not comprise unlimited Inodes. It provides server support up to 600,000 Inodes, which may be considered relatively lower when you are trying to host multiple, resource-intensive websites.
  • Premium Pricing: Even though GoGeek is an excellent shared hosting package, it is still quite costly with exceptionally high renewal prices.

SiteGround GoGeek Specs (Technical Features)

siteground fast servers

Here is a detailed summary of SiteGround GoGeek hosting features and specifications:

  • Superfast SSD Storage: With the GoGeek package, you get up to 40 GB of storage space available. All databases and files are stored on Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, providing a 1000x boost in input/output operations.
  • Bandwidth: Get unmetered data transfer capabilities for your website with GoGeek. This, combined with unlimited website hosting support, allows you to host small business, personal, or community websites.
  • 4x Faster Websites: SiteGround’s GoGeek plan offers the highest amount of Server Resources. This means you’ll have 4x faster website loading times, which is the industry-best for any shared website hosting plan.

Here are some user reviews on GoGeek’s faster loading times:



  • Excellent Uptime: GoGeek users can expect a great uptime of 99.99% (even 100%) each month in addition to fast response time. [IMG]
  • Ultrafast PHP: SiteGround’s unique PHP implementation allows website pages to load faster while minimizing the Time to First Byte (TTFB) and enabling the server to process a higher number of visitors faster.
  • Staging + Git: The staging tool allows creating a website copy so that you can test on it before making any live changes to the site. GoGeek users also enjoy integration with Git that allows you to create website repositories. You can access, edit, and download these repositories later using Git. You can also build repositories of popular platforms like Joomla, WordPress, PrestaShop, and Drupal using SiteGround’s unique interface.
  • SuperCacher: SiteGround’s in-house caching allows your website to handle a large number of hits while boosting loading speed. GoGeek supports all three levels of SuperCacher service:
    • (1) NGINX Direct Delivery for static content
    • (2) NGINX-powered Dynamic data cache
    • (3) Database queries result cache based on Memcached technology. This is one of the best you can get for any shared hosting plan.
  • On-demand Backup: GoGeek allows you to instantly create a backup for any changes you make to your growing website. In addition to daily automated backup, users can create up to 5 on-demand backups at a time and quickly restore all data and files from them if something goes wrong.
  • Server Resources: The GoGeek package allows you to access more server resources than any other standard shared web hosting plan. This also includes 4000/hour CPU seconds, more simultaneous connections, and up to 800,000/month script executions. The plan also covers 768 MB of server memory per process and 600,000 Inodes.
  • Unlimited MySQL DB: Create an unlimited number of databases, not exceeding 1000 MB to ensure a fast and smooth query execution.
  • Free Email Accounts: SiteGround GoGeek plan also offers free email services. This means you can have any number of email accounts at your domain and up to 10 GB of account space. You can send, forward, and receive emails seamlessly from any email account to another mailbox using aliases and forwarders.
  • Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains: You get unlimited subdomains with the GoGeek plan that allows you to create unique websites under your primary domain name. You also get unlimited parked domains that enable you to create multiple domain names pointing to the same website.
  • Database Resources: GoGeek hosting plan offers up to 1 GB database size, with 500 MB database table sizes. Database queries are up to 30% of GoGeek Account Server resources.
  • Perfect For Ecommerce Websites: If you are looking for a robust and reliable eCommerce hosting solution, then GoGeek is an excellent choice. It offers a range of eCommerce-friendly features that many premium hosting plans might not provide. It supports many online shopping carts and also installs them for free.
  • Multiple Data Centers: To provide faster website loading speed to all visitors, SiteGround has multiple data center locations in the USA, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. The hosting company uses best-in-class hardware with tested configuration to ensure superior server performance.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: A 30-day money-back guarantee is available with the SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan.
  • Priority Customer Support: GoGeek users enjoy 24/7 superfast premium support through live chat, email/ticket, and phone call. Additionally, any issues raised on tickets or chat are assigned to expert support agents on priority. In case there is an issue with your website, you can be assured to get quick and reliable technical support.

Compare the GoGeek plan features with the StartUp plan features at a glance:

siteground new prices in 2021

SiteGround GoGeek Pricing Plans

SiteGround GoGeek shared hosting plan starts at a special price of $14.99/mo.

siteground discount price and regular price

For getting this special price, you have to purchase their annual plan and pay in advance. The offer is applicable only for the first invoice. The regular pricing applies for all subsequent renewals. That means the renewal cost of SiteGround GoGeek is $39.99/month.

For a shared website hosting plan, the price is on the higher end. The renewal prices are even more expensive. However, when you compare the price against all the features and value you get from the GoGeek package, it seems worthy.

Will SiteGround GoGeek Hosting Handle High Traffic Spikes?

siteground data centers with high redundancy

SiteGround GoGeek plan supports ~100,000 monthly visits and smart optimization/caching enables you to scale above that. So, it can manage high spikes in traffic up to a certain point. After that level, your website may start experiencing performance issues and slower loading times.

SiteGroud Cloud is more appropriate for high-traffic websites. In February 2020, SiteGround moved to the Google Cloud Platform. It offers the latest technologies, reliability, and high levels of speed to help businesses scale and meet high traffic spikes. The switch from bare-metal to the cloud makes it easier to scale resources like storage, RAM, and CPU.

Google Cloud Environment aids in easy scaling for fast-growing businesses. The virtual servers allow you to add RAM and CPU without any limit on storage space availability. SiteGround also offers a robust auto-scale option, which adds more resources automatically at times of unexpected traffic spikes. This helps prevent downtime and traffic loss.

Often, hosting servers may fail when a website receives an unpredicted increase in traffic; this is more evident for physical machines. However, in the cloud environment, SiteGround instantaneously builds a new virtual machine on a different hosting node in their cloud space. This virtual machine is then attached to the distributed storage volume, saving time in backup restores.

Is GoGeek Faster Than GrowBig Plan?

SiteGround GrowBig and GoGeek plans offer similar features – ensuring robust server performance, high uptime, unmetered data transfer, and high-end security. However, when it comes to comparing both the plans on the grounds of speed and faster loading times, GoGeek is a sure winner.

GoGeek offers the highest amount of server resources as compared to GrowBig, in addition to other speed booster features. This makes GoGeek 4x faster than most shared hosting plans, including SiteGround GrowBig.

Conclusion: Is SiteGround GoGeek Worth It?

SiteGround GoGeek is an excellent web hosting plan for both small and large websites. It includes almost every feature that makes it the top shared hosting plan in the market today. Although the GoGeek plan is a little expensive, it offers a range of next-generation features that makes it the best choice for shared website hosting.

siteground best website hosting experience

Here’s when you should choose or upgrade to the SiteGround GoGeek plan:

  • You want to host multiple websites or blogs and require an all-in-one shared hosting account.
  • You need significant web storage space with higher limits on email and database.
  • Your website database, files, and folders are bulk, and you need much more server resources than other shared hosting plans like StartUp or GrowBig.
  • You want professional support to manage diverse elements, such as daily free backups and automatic updates.
  • SiteGround GoGeek plan is most suitable for you if you need SSD Drives, NGINX Servers, Free Cloudflare CDN, multiple data centers, and other cutting-edge technologies to boost website performance and speed.
  • You wish to boost website loading speed by 4x higher than any standard shared hosting plan.
  • You need a 1-click Staging Environment to monitor website performance and other functionalities before it goes live.
  • You want to have expert support when performing backup and restoration of your website data.
  • You require creating multiple repositories by using SiteGround’s SG Git tool, which is built-in with the GoGeek plan.
  • Your website needs a minimum of 99.99% uptime with extraordinary support from a technical team
  • You seek exceptional website performance and speed, which is possible with the Ultrafast PHP feature of the GoGeek plan.
  • You are looking for higher security and the best in class security features.
  • You require an economical shared hosting service that offers robust features similar to cloud hosting servers or VPS hosting.
  • You are looking for a supreme website performance like Virtual Private Server, but do not want to spend $100 every month.

Under all these circumstances, purchasing or switching to SiteGround’s GoGeek website hosting plan is ideal.

If you have any suggestions about SiteGround’s GoGeek plan or if you would like to add up to the information mentioned in this review, you can post your views in the comments section below.

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