Between Linux and Windows hosting, there are several differences that you need to know before making your choice. Statistics show that the Linux servers used greatly exceed the Windows servers, the latter are also experiencing a remarkable increase. In 2017, Unix servers represented more than 66% of Web servers, including 55.6% on Linux and 35% on Windows.

How to choose between Linux and Windows?

The main difference between the two types of hosting is the operating system. Like desktop computers using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS, web servers also have an operating system. There are two main types of operating systems in web hosting: Linux and Windows.


For basic websites, choosing the type of Windows or Linux web hosting is not crucial. Web pages will work in exactly the same way. The operating system to choose depends on what you want to do with your website. For example, if you want to install certain applications such as WordPress, you need to know the operating system on which the application works best.

The main advantages of this operating system are:

  • Stability: Linux is known for its stability as an operating system. This platform can be adapted to almost any environment and is the subject of constant development.
  • Security: This operating system is generally considered to be more secure than Windows, due to its open-source nature.
  • Cost: Linux is free! While for Windows, you will have to pay for a license if you want to configure it on your servers.


If we compare the two operating systems; Linux was a much more mature system in terms of personalization and security, but Windows has managed to close that gap. In fact, the latter even has some advantages over its open-source alternative, namely:

  • Ease of installation: If you have used both platforms, you will notice that Windows is much easier to configure and install than Linux.

For Windows, several types of users would benefit from using it as an operating system for their server. First, if ease of use is the thing that matters most to you, windows is your remedy. Also, if you don’t want to use a multitude of customization options and just want to use a plug-and-play operating system, Windows is probably the right choice for you.

The bottom line is that you need to define your goals and need to make the right choice. Linux and Windows each have their pros and cons. Understanding what is important to you and how Linux and Windows can help or hinder you from achieving your goals will help you avoid problems. Choosing the right host will also help ensure your success.