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Are you planning to purchase the InMotion Hosting Pro Plan for your website? Do you want to know its hosting features and benefits in detail? Look nowhere else!

Here we discuss the pros, cons, pricing, and other aspects of the Pro plan. We’ll also share the best alternatives to this InMotion plan by the end of this article.

But first, let’s introduce you briefly to the Pro plan.

What is the InMotion hosting Pro plan?

InMotion Pro plan is the top-tier shared hosting plan offering you the most you can get from the host when looking for a shared server. It comes with a free domain and SSL.

InMotion Pro plan offers many unlimited features, including databases, websites, bandwidth, and more. It carries a free security suite and a few helpful marketing tools.

inmotion pro plan details

When compared to the Power plan, the second-largest shared hosting plan from InMotion Hosting, the Pro plan offers some additional hosting features like:

  • Better-optimized UltraStack speed and performance for your website.
  • Pro-level support guaranteeing 99% website uptime with Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Double email storage per inbox.
NOTE: The Pro plan is a bit expensive when compared to the top-tier shared hosting plans from its competitors.

Pros & Cons of the InMotion Pro plan

After an overview of the InMotion Pro plan, let’s discuss its pros and cons:

Pros of the InMotion Pro plan

  • The host offers US-based customer support via phone, live chat, email, and ticket.
  • You’ll receive fast-loading, unlimited NVMe SSD
  • InMotion Hosting provides solid security features with this plan for overall website protection.
  • The hosting package includes unlimited bandwidth to support huge amounts of website traffic.
  • The Pro plan comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try it out without any worries.
  • InMotion Hosting has a significant resource of troubleshooting guides to help you with different problems you might face.

pros of inmotion pro plan

Cons of the InMotion Pro plan

  • The Pro plan has high renewal prices.
  • The host has an unreliable email service.
  • Unlike many competitors, InMotion Hosting doesn’t activate your account instantly.
  • You will get only three server location options, with two in the US alone.

cons of inmotion pro plan

Standout Features & benefits

Some of the standout features of the Pro plan are:

  • Hosting unlimited websites allows you to manage all your sites from the same account.
  • Availability of a free domain except with the monthly plan. It saves you from an additional expense.
  • InMotion supports Softaculous, enabling you to install 400+ applications in a single click.
  • You’ll get $150 free advertising credits to help boost your website traffic for free.
  • The host provides UltraStack caching and PHP 8 support that improves the speed and security of your site.

Ease of Use

After considering its standout features and benefits, let’s look at the user-friendliness of the Pro plan:

  • InMotion Hosting’s dashboard interface is very easy to navigate, although it seems outdated. The host must modernize and improve the user interface design to enhance user-friendliness.
  • InMotion Hosting combines cPanel and a native Account Management Panel (AMP) to offer a better user experience. But these two panels might sometimes conflict with each other’s functionalities.
  • The host must improve several UX choices to provide a better overall user experience.

inmotion uses amp and cpanel

Performance – Is InMotion fast?

Let’s examine the speed delivered by the Pro plan:

InMotion Performance

Compared to its Launch plan, the host allocates 4 times physical memory to the Pro plan. It means your website server can run all programs more efficiently, leading to faster loading times even when utilizing higher resources.

The Pro plan delivers superb performance, especially for your US-based website audience. It happens because the host has two data centers in the US. Also, your website will perform well in Amsterdam, where InMotion has its third data center.

The InMotion Pro plan has 4GB of physical memory and a 100% CPU limit.

inmotion pro plan cpu limit


We tested the speed of the Pro plan with the Captcha testing tool, and here are the test results:

inmotion pro plan speed test

As seen in the screenshot above, this shared hosting plan delivers excellent speed when tested from the West Coast of the US.

The load time is only 2 milliseconds there. It increases to 53 milliseconds in the US East, with further loading times in other parts of the world.


Further, we used the shared hosting server of InMotion Hosting for two months to test its uptime, and the results are:

pro plan uptime test

As seen above, the server’s average response time was 759 milliseconds. We received an uptime of 99.98% for these two months, which is quite impressive.

It is essential to mention that InMotion Hosting can also deliver 100% uptime during some months.

Customer Support

InMotion Hosting offers reliable email, phone, ticket, and live chat support. Their tech experts are attentive and helpful, but customer issues are often left unresolved.

Also, resolving a single complaint usually takes quite a long time.

time consuming inmotion hosting support

Overall, InMotion Hosting provides decent support, but it could be better than the support available from most of its competitors.

One distinctive factor about the host’s customer support is its in-house staff from the US itself. Other hosting providers outsource their support to Asian nations.

NOTE: All InMotion Hosting support executives are highly knowledgeable. The company mandates them to undergo 160 hours of internal training before any customer interaction.

Pricing & Plans

The host offers the Pro plan on subscription basis. It can be subscribed to monthly along with other term options. Here’s its pricing table:

Hosting term Pro plan initial cost per month Pro plan renewal cost per month
1 month $19.99 $27.99
1 year $14.99 $24.99
2 year $13.99 $23.99
3 year $12.99 $22.99

InMotion pricing might seem misleading because of high renewal costs. However, these are understandable since the company bears higher operating costs than its competitors by hiring in-house staff.

The prices are justified because we get NVMe storage and many unlimited features with the Pro plan.

inmotion pro plan pricing

3 InMotion Pro plan limitations

Some limitations of the InMotion Hosting Pro plan are:

Limitation 1: Backups

InMotion hosting doesn’t perform backups of hosting accounts using 10GB+ storage. So you’ll have to maintain offline backups or purchase the service if you exceed this limit.

limited backups with inmotion hosting

Limitation 2: Emails Reputation & Deliverability

InMotion Hosting has low email deliverability. Many of its email IPs get blacklisted, leading to your emails landing in spam folders instead of inboxes.

Many InMotion customers complain of their emails getting rejected by Outlook, Yahoo, Mac, and others. It happens because InMotion’s Shared email servers are registered with several spam databases, including Spamhaus.

inmotion customers experiencing email issues

Limitation 3: Resource throttling

InMotion’s shared hosting has I/O limitations, but the company doesn’t advertise it. You can view them only in your cPanel after purchasing a plan. Here are the limits for the Pro plan:

  • Entry Processes: 50
  • IOPS (I/O Per Second): 1024
  • I/O Usage: 2 MB (Disk read/write speed)

inmotion hosting limitations in cpanel

InMotion hosting reviews of Pro Plan

We scoured the internet to bring in some reviews from existing InMotion users:

inmotion hosting customer review

As seen above, the customer is satisfied with the host’s support. You’ll find many similar reviews where people experienced good customer support with InMotion.

inmotion hosting trustpilot review

The review above reveals the long waiting times, as we discussed earlier. Additionally, it mentions the slow server speed with InMotion, and we noticed several such reviews from non-US customers.

As mentioned in the Speed section above, the host only delivers good speed in the US region.

Verdict: Is the Pro Plan Worth it?

Yes, the Pro plan is worth it. InMotion Hosting is a reliable host with a good background. Go for the Pro plan if you are a newbie intending to host basic websites and ready to spend some extra money.

Who is it for?

Choose the Pro plan if:

  • Your website audience is in Amsterdam, US East, or West Coast.
  • You want a reliable, fast, business-class host having knowledgeable support staff.
  • You will be hosting a small to medium business or eCommerce website.

Lastly, we recommend using a reputable third-party provider for your email, like Google Workspace.

Alternatives to InMotion Pro plan

Some of the best alternatives to the InMotion Pro plan are:

A2Hosting – Turbo boost plan

The Turbo Boost plan from A2 Hosting provides comparable features to the Pro plan. You will receive many free features like site migrations, automatic backups, etc. Also, the host offers numerous unlimited hosting features, including NVMe storage.

Choose the Turbo Boost plan over the Pro plan if you want better speed and lower prices.

  • Unlike InMotion Hosting, you will get high-speed optimized servers with A2 Hosting.
  • Additionally, the host has its servers present on three different continents.
  • Comparing plan costs, Turbo Boost is way cheaper than the Pro plan.

Check out the current price of the Turbo Boost plan here.

a2hosting turbo boost plan

SiteGround – Growbig plan

SiteGround’s GrowBig plan is another superb alternative to the Pro plan. It also offers many free and unlimited hosting features.

Go for it when looking for a cheaper option to the Pro plan, and your audience is spread across different parts of the world.

  • Unlike InMotion Hosting, SiteGround has a globally distributed server network.
  • It also provides a free CDN for faster delivery of your website content.
  • The GrowBig plan is much cheaper than the Pro plan. However, its renewal prices are really high.

Check out the current pricing of the GrowBig plan by clicking here.

siteground growbig plan

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does InMotion Hosting use cPanel?

Yes, InMotion Hosting uses both cPanel and a native Account Management Panel (AMP).

Is InMotion overpriced?

No, InMotion isn’t overpriced since its hosting costs are justified by several unlimited features, NVMe storage, and in-house support staff.

Is InMotion Hosting Fast?

Yes, InMotion Hosting is fast, but only in the US region.

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