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InMotion is a premium and secure web hosting provider that offers a wide variety of web hosting plans along with good customer support that fits your unique needs and budget. However, if you are looking for a robust hosting solution at an economical price, then InMotion Power plan is worth considering. The shared hosting plan is a smart way to kick-start your websites, blogs, and online portfolios – and offers a lot of features and value-added benefits.

With a global customer base, InMotion is one of the most widely used web hosting solutions today. So, if you are looking for secure, fast, and reliable web hosting for your diverse business needs, then you must know more about the InMotion Power plan.

So here is an in-depth review of the InMotion hosting Power plan to help you make an informed decision.

InMotion Hosting ‘Power’ Plan – Key Features

inmotion shared hosting features
Discussed here are the primary features of the InMotion shared hosting Power Plan:

  • Up to 50 Websites: If you have too many websites to host, this plan is just the right option for you. It supports up to 50 websites; so, you can seamlessly host a variety of sites or storefronts on the same server without having to worry about its performance.
  • 100 GB SSD Disk Space: With the Power shared hosting plan, you get up to 100 GB SSD disk space to store all your website data and files conveniently. That is more than enough for any standard website, blog, storefront, or online portfolio.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: For any website to be successful, it is important to have it up and running always. It is also crucial for the site to load fast, and offer an improved web experience to the users. Thankfully with the Power plan, you never have to worry about your website speed, uploads and downloads. Unlimited bandwidth ensures your website is running optimally regardless of the total website traffic.
  • Inodes Limit of 50,000 Files: The inode limit is the maximum number of files you can store on the server. It is a standard practice in the field of shared hosting. With InMotion Hosting Power plan, there is an Inode limit of 50,000. That means you can store up to 50,000 files.
  • Free Drag-and-Drop Website Builder: Use InMotion BoldGrid drag-and-drop builder to create powerful and robust websites instantly. You can use any of their professional templates or design a website from scratch. Building a website using this tool becomes a breeze.
  • Free Data Backups: In addition to all its features, you can enjoy a free backup manager with InMotion shared hosting Power plan. It is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that protects your website databases, files, and your email accounts as well as daily automatic backups. It also allows you to restore the entire website in just 1-click. The feature is available when you checkout.
  • SSH Access: For improved security, InMotion supports SSH access on all its shared hosting servers. It allows you to secure your account, and other databases or files through password or key-based authentication.
  • Softaculous Installer: With every shared hosting plan, Softaculous is offered for free. That means you will get access to more than 400 applications after you sign up with the Power hosting plan. This helps broaden the scope of what you can do with your hosting plan, and improve your web experience.
  • Email Accounts: With the InMotion Power plan, you get up to 50 email accounts.
  • 4x UltraStack Optimized Performance: The datacenter technology is built by InMotion Hosting, giving your website an advanced layer of caching that is optimized for speed. It connects to a robust network that gives your site improved speed, and user experience.
  • PHP 7 Supported: The InMotion Power plan is powered by PHP 7 that ensures up to 3x faster loading times.
  • Max Speed Zones: To deliver 6x faster, and convenient web hosting, InMotion features Max Speed Zones that allow you to host a site on your nearest datacenter for improved performance, speed, and deliverability. That means your website content; videos, and products will be delivered to your visitors reliably and quickly.

In addition to the above, the Power plan features value-added benefits such as Spam Experts, simple Google Apps integration, hack & malware protection, seamless control panel, safe application roll-back, and many more.

Together, these features deliver an improved overall web hosting experience.

PROS – InMotion Power Plan

inmotion hosting account panel
Let’s have a look at the pros of the Power plan:

  • Free Website Transfer: Want to transfer your website to InMotion? With the Power Plan, you can transfer up to three websites for free. Enjoy zero downtime migration with a proven, and hassle-free process. However, you can migrate only up to 3 websites; anything beyond that will come with additional charges.
  • Free SSL Certificate: A free SSL certificate is offered with the Power plan. This helps protect your website using InMotion’s free Domain Validated Secure Sockets Layers by Sectigo. Having SSL encryption gives your website traffic an impression of improved security, authenticity, and trustworthiness. With the free SSL certificate, you will enjoy 2048-bit encryption, no security warning in the browser, a secure visible padlock in the browser, and the security or confidence to run a high-performance online business.
  • Free Domain Name: When you sign up with the Power Plan, you will get a free domain credit that enables you to get started instantly. Free domain name is available for the first year, after which you will have to pay additional charges. Moreover, if you want to transfer the domain to InMotion, it is 100% free for the first year.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: A key benefit of using the Power plan is that you get unlimited bandwidth. That means regardless of your website traffic, and the number of uploads, and downloads; your website or blog will continue to run optimally with minimum downtime or disruptions. This delivers an improved web experience to your website visitors.
  • 90-days Money-Back Guarantee: Not just the Power plan, but all InMotion shared hosting plans are covered by a no-hassle money-back guarantee of 90 days. So, if you are not satisfied using their hosting services, you can cancel and get your money refunded within the first 90 days of signing up. However, this rarely happens because the InMotion shared Power plan – though a bit on the expensive side – offers excellent web hosting features, and benefits.
  • eCommerce Ready: If you want to build an online storefront, the Power plan is a good choice because it is eCommerce ready and delivers superior performance. That means you can enjoy faster load times as your hosting is based on SSD servers. Additionally, you can enjoy advanced caching benefits for popular eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.
  • Simple & Fast Google Apps Integration: With the Power shared hosting plan, you can integrate your hosting with Google’s cloud-based, intuitive collaboration and productivity tools platform. Use a hassle-free wizard-based configuration tool that allows you to manage and update your MX records to function seamlessly with Google email accounts.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support: InMotion has an excellent knowledge base that is often enough to address your technical issues. However, if you are not satisfied, you can access their round-the-clock customer support for any type of problem you may face after signing up or using the Power plan.
NOTE: Unlike other hosting companies that outsource their technical support to 3rd world countries in Asia, well InMotion support team members are 100% USA based, which is rare in the web hosting industry.

CONS – InMotion Power Plan

inmotion hosting backup manager
Like any other shared web hosting plan, InMotion Power Plan too has some limitations. It is important to measure both the pros and cons to make an informed decision. So, let’s have a look at some of the Cons of the Power plan.

  • Low Inode Limit: InMotion hosting has an Inode limit of 50,000 files. That means you can store a maximum of 50,000 files on the server. This is quite limited and contradicts the Power plan’s support for up to 50 websites. On average, a WordPress website has 15,000 files to be stored on the server. Keeping that in mind, this plan is not ideal to host more than 10 websites. When you surpass the limit of hosting 10 websites, automatically the server speed will fall dramatically. This is a major disadvantage of this shared web hosting plan.
  • Delayed Verification Process: For security reasons, InMotion verifies all its new customers through phone. While this ensures improved safety, it also indicates that you cannot get instant access to your account after signing up, particularly if you belong outside the U.S. In some cases, you might also need to register with an ID card. With all due respect to their security efforts, this prolonged verification process may turn off many customers.
  • Datacenters available only in the United States: Another limitation of InMotion hosting is that they have datacenters only in the U.S. While their Max Speed Zone feature is optimized for global reach and does work well, but having datacenters only in the United States can be a turn-off again for potential customers. Their servers function quite well, but just imagine the speed and reliability you’d get if only they had datacenters globally.
  • No Free Automatic Backups: Unlike many other popular shared hosting plans, InMotion’s Power plan does not provide free automatic backups. It is true that they provide free manual data backups daily, but for the automated feature, you need to buy their backup addon during checkout.
  • Slow Customer Support: InMotion provides customer support through phone, email and live chat. However, their customer support waiting time over live chat or phone is too long. For emails, it might take several hours or even days to get a response to your request.
  • Slow Speed: Despite having features like UltraStack optimized performance, unlimited bandwidth, or “guaranteed” 99.99% uptime, InMotion’s server speed is relatively slower as compared to other popular hosting solutions like Bluehost. Moreover, they do not have any datacenter other than in the U.S. This can adversely affect the server speed and eventually, the loading speed, for websites hosted in other countries.

Moreover, InMotion has not implemented NGINX for its shared hosting plans yet. The widely popular server set-up has a significant role in addressing lower website loading speeds. However, InMotion provides the feature only with its WordPress hosting plans.

InMotion Power Plan Server Performance

inmotion feb 2020 response speed
inmotion feb 2020 response speed

InMotion’s shared hosting servers are a bit more expensive but they offer a good value because they can efficiently handle 1,700 users per day. Also, the Power plan includes unlimited bandwidth. They promise to deliver 99.99% server uptime to ensure your website is up and running always.

However, their server speed is compromised, especially outside the United States. There is a major drop down in their server performance and it isn’t as good as before. In the last couple of years, more users have complained about poor server speed. We are hopeful that InMotion will take this seriously and work towards improving their server performance and website loading times.

InMotion Hosting Power Plan Pricing

Here is a glimpse of the price of InMotion hosting’s Power plan and the features it offers:

inmotion power plan pricing

The Power plan is only available for the term of 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. The Power Plan starts at $8.99/month, but only when you sign up for 2-years term. After the term expiry, the renewal cost of this plan is $14.99/month. However, when you subscribe for 1-year plan, the costs are a little higher. For 1-year term, the plan will cost $9.99/month upon sign-up, while the renewal cost is $15.90/month.

The InMotion shared hosting Power plan is undoubtedly more expensive than other popularly used hosting solutions in the market today, while the features and benefits are quite similar (or even better in some cases).

Is InMotion Power Plan the Right Choice for You?

inmotion hosting moneyback guarantee
It is true that InMotion hosting provides the best of features, along with 90-day money-back guarantee, improved security, unlimited bandwidth, and free website migration. More importantly, InMotion is a professional and reliable hosting company that strives to offer quality hosting services. If you have U.S based audience and website speed or performance does not matter much to you, then InMotion is a good hosting option for you.

However, the plan is not suitable for larger websites that are driven by speed and data. Rather, I would recommend BlueHost as a better alternative for insanely faster and cheaper hosting plans that include:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • and much more.

bluehost cloud speed comparison

You can share your views or suggestions about InMotion hosting plan in the comments below.

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