Are you wondering on how to speed up elementor pages? Do you want to improve the speed of your WordPress site? Using a caching plugin is one of the best ways (with the use of a powerful WordPress hosting plan) to ensure faster loading of your website. We will provide you with the best WordPress cache plugins.

In terms of statistics, almost half of your website’s audience expects your site to load in less than 3 seconds. Therefore, it is not surprising why fast websites are prioritized in terms of SEO, that is why Google keeps to focus on site speed in its search algorithm. The higher the speed of the page, the better you rank in search reasults, and the more organic traffic you can bring to your site.

In this article, we will share the best WordPress cache plugins for your website.

Why do you need a WP caching plugin?

Let’s have a basic understanding of what a cache is and why we need plugins to control it. A cache is an instant memory that is needed for regular tasks. For example, if you have kept your memory in a storeroom and every time you need to perform a task you would have to go back and look into the store for that memory. It will take a lot of time. However, if we place the memories of the regular tasks at a closer place than the store, we can easily retrieve it when required.

If you are about to eat your food, going into that storeroom and relaunching the memory of how to eat will take more time. But if you have kept this specific memory somewhere near, you can access it in no time. This is exactly how caches work. The Best WordPress Cache Plugins load all of the necessary data of a website, needed by the user, on a temporary page, and saves it on the user’s browser during the first interaction. Resultantly, on subsequent interactions, everything you require will already be pre-loaded and it will be launched almost instantly. This is how a plugin controls the caching and aids in improving the working speed.

wp rocket

Wp Rocket

The reason why it is on the top of our list is its stupendous compatibility with browsers and an easy interface. It is created by the French minds and is a classy plugin. Its use is what gives it a competitive advantage, and that is why it is the most used cache plugin. Furthermore, it offers a premium plan and is much in demand because once you install and turn it on, the cache will automatically start working. That means you don’t need to do anything extra and your pages will be loaded and saved autonomously. And this is why it is on our list of the Best WordPress Cache Plugins.

If you are looking for improving the slow loading speed of your elementor site, this is the best way to go.

If we are to highlight some of its features, these are:

  • It helps your website to rank higher in search engine platforms
  • One of its obvious advantages is that it significantly decreases the loading time and is compatible with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files
  • Its features can be modified, and the developers regularly scale up the working
  • It helps in saving your data by loading the images only when it’s necessary

Price: $49

LiteSpeedCache WordPress

LiteSpeed Cache

It is commendable because, besides the caching purposes, it also works for site optimization. It is a script-based plugin (as inferred by its PHP-based operation) and hence is more targeted and concise. One of the main reasons for it to be the Best WordPress Cache Plugins in the market is that it has become the talk of the town in no time. It is one of the newest technologies and still can be found everywhere. As said, it is more directed in its working; it significantly betters the webpage performance without any unnecessary sidelines. And its installation and integration are straightforward, overhanging stuff is minimized.

Unlike the WP rocket, it supports multiple WordPress sites and is easy to use and integrate into many plugins and websites. So, you don’t have to face many problems in its use. One of its supreme qualities is that it is free to use. So, you get the best in no time and no investment. It is, hence, much recommended for use.

Price: Free

w3 total cache

W3 Total Cache

A lot can be said on its optimum performance, but let us combine it all in one statistical fact. It has over a million active installations at the time. That says enough about the plugin’s performance and reliability.

One can also easily infer that it is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about and Best WordPress Cache Plugins you can have for your website. One feature that sets the bar high is that the caching is impeccable and it saves every bit of the website for you instantly. That means no lagging content, pictures, you can access the whole site in less than 5 seconds on every use. It also has an additional feature and that is the CDN amalgamation.

Furthermore, it is recommended by most avant-garde organizations and firms because it is that good. It is efficient for use on shared networks. One of the losses you face when working on shared networks is that the server is not dedicated, or the loading is too slow, but with this plugin all is sorted as it is optimized for use in scenarios like hosted or shared networks.

Another exciting feature of this cache plugin is that its use is not restricted to webpages. Yes, you can eminently use it with mobile applications and can minimize the size of your saved pages. Resultantly, you have lighter pages with all the necessary data and up to 80% bandwidth savings.

Price: Free

WP super cache

WP Super Cache

It has the combined features of all the above-talked plugins, and that is why it is included in our list of the best WordPress cache plugins for you. It also has over 2 million installations.

Also, it is self-enabling which means once you have integrated it with your network, it will work on its own and the pages will be loaded automatically and almost instantly.

One reason why it is ideal for WordPress is that both are the creations of one team and, hence, are designed to complement each other.

It generates a lighter HTML file from a relatively heavier WordPress site and, therefore, serves many customers. It also increases the efficiency and efficacy of the working.

  • It is as simple as ABC: No need for configurations, no editing, and no complex integrations. It is all set to go when installed.
  • It is a pro: Talking about conversions, it is adept at its operation and is the fastest when it comes to caching and loading. It is also modifiable, and that expands its working dynamics. However, when it comes to caching multiple pages, it lags, but just a little, and that too to augment the overall process.

Price: Free

wp fastest cache

WP Fastest Cache

It is a top-notch plugin and requires little to no extra configurations. It remarkably reduces the file size through various strategies. These can be minimizing the size of the saved files, whatever the format is. Or it combines different CSS files to reduce the labor. It is available in free as well as premium versions.

And absolutely, the premium versions offer much more options, reliability, ease of use, and other extras. For example, it helps to minimize the caching and loading usage by deleting or disabling the emoticons that are not important. Similarly, modifying the image formats, extra data cleanup, and things like mobile as well as static cashing aids in its cause.

Once you have installed the free version and integrated it with your WordPress site, you can access the premium version directly from your workplace and this makes it one of the best WordPress cache plugins.

Price: Free

comet cache

Comet Cache

It is impeccable because it offers everything that can serve to increase your working and cashing experience. From CDN integrations to multiple user access, it can do wonders for your site.

The unique thing about it is its ability to incapacitate the deletion or expiration of the cache in case if you need it for long-term purposes. It is statistically the best WordPress cache plugin because the user has complete access to the cache status.

Price: Free version available and Premium for $39

hyper cache

Hyper Cache

It is also a PHP-script-based algorithm and is optimum for use in dedicated as well as hosted networks. Once installed, it comes with some default values and features that makes its installation easy.

This cache is also an ideal one for different mobile and computer website use. And even if you use variable templates and themes, its functions won’t deter. Unlike many other plugins, you can access all of its features

Price: Free

Test environment for the performance test

Before entailing or committing to one ultimate plugin, validation is the first and necessary step. For example, on WordPress, a one-page and one-time test site are set up to check different plugins. Furthermore, before bringing in these best WordPress cache plugins, we tested several such cache plugins with Pingdom tools.

Validation is a process in which several parameters are set, and the plugins are tested against these parameters for optimal use. And through this, we can, although, not determine the actual rate of the working, but it helps a lot in determining the competitive ones.

speed up wordpress

How does a cache plugin improve the speed of the website?

As we have already talked about it in detail, let’s keep it short and simple. What happens is that when one user, the first user accesses your dynamic website, the plugin develops a cache memory of the site into a lighter HTML or other pages.

All the subsequent users then access this template or lighter cached pages that are instantly loaded.

Why is caching important?

It reduces the time taken for a website to process and hence increases the organic traffic. Sublime caching means better customer experience, and that leads to higher website ranking on platforms such as Google.

So, if your website loads quickly, people will be more attracted to work and ultimately, you get a definite advantage on search engines.


When you have to choose a WordPress caching plugin for your site, there is no quick fix.

If you need one of the high-end best WordPress caching plugins solution that offers exceptional support and requires minimal configuration on your side, choose WP Rocket. That’s the best in the business for the moment. And it’s the cache plugin we’re using for our website 🙂

If you want to choose the best affordable WordPress caching plugins that do the job well, then choose WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Both are constantly updated and used by over 2 million websites. They are even recommended by some hosts that we put forward as WPX Hosting for example.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache, on the other hand, is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin that offers a complete solution, with server-level caching and many advanced optimization features. It supports many WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, bbpress ….

We hope this guide has helped you choose the best caching plugin for your website. Good luck to speed up your site!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Caching is nothing but a strategy to accelerate page loading and working time. It does this by saving and storing the regularly required stuff in one file so that the next time the page is accessed, the important items are loaded quickly.

Generically, it generates a static category of a website whenever it’s first accessed. This static version helps to minimize the loading time on further interactions.

If we are to sum it all up in one-liner, the speed of the site directly affects the user experience. If the site loads faster, more traffic will be attracted to your site, and it will upgrade your ranking in the search engines.

This process is different for all the plugins, but generally, the cache can be emptied from the settings of the plugin.