Many people wonder if there are ways to duplicate a WordPress article or page quickly enough. This is advantageous because it will allow you to continue working on the copy without affecting the original version.

So here is how to duplicate a WordPress article or page with one click.

Why duplicate a WordPress article or page?

Certainly, when you want to edit a website, you can copy and paste its content into a draft. But in this situation, you could not duplicate certain elements such as the highlighted image, metadata, etc.

This is why you should use a feature that allows you to duplicate a WordPress page.

It’s also the same for articles. Indeed, it is possible that you make modifications to older articles because you want to add other information for example.

Options for duplicating an article or a WordPress page

First, you need to install the Duplicate Post plugin. After that make sure to activate it. When it is activated, go to “Articles”, then to “All articles”. Then you will find two links which are “Duplicate” and “Create a new draft”. It works great for both Posts and Pages.

By clicking on the first link, you will duplicate the article. The duplicated version will then appear on your dashboard and you can work on it without changing the original version.

However, if you click on the second link, the original will be displayed on the dashboard.

It should be noted that these same options are also valid for the pages. But the Duplicate Post plugin can also be used for updating old articles that have already been published and for other things as well.

So it really is a great way to successfully redesign a website.

The Duplicate Post plugin allows you to customize the duplicate article

Your duplicate articles can be personalized using settings found in the Duplicate Post plugin. Thus, you have the choice between keeping or modifying certain information such as the status (draft, published, etc.), the date of publication, etc.

In addition, the plugin will allow you to define the number of users in WordPress, limit their roles and duplicate only the items you have selected. To do this, you must first go to “Settings” and then to “Duplicate Article”.

Note that the parameters are divided into 3 tabs. In the first, you can make the selection of the elements to copy during duplication, but also the deselection of those that you do not want to reproduce.

In the second step, you have the “Authorizations” tab. If you set the Duplicate Post plugin as default, then it would allow all users to duplicate articles.

But in this tab, you can define those who can duplicate content. In addition, you could also specify there if you want to reproduce articles or pages.

Of course, don’t forget to click on “save” so that your changes are not lost. Finally, the last tab concerns the display.

It will allow you to choose the location of the links for your duplicate articles. Note that by default, the plugin will make them appear on the list of all articles.

Lastly, i wish to add that there are some WordPress Page Builders who have a similar function integrated that allows basically you to save and duplicate specific page elements.