The first thing to do to transfer files to your Internet storage and create an FTP user account on your web hosting is, in a way, the creation of access rights, you certainly have the right to access your web hosting via a control panel, if you do not have these codes, ask your host because, without these codes, you cannot create an FTP account.

Note: By default, you already have a single FTP account by default. Use your cPanel username and password to log in. The creation of new FTP accounts can be done to give access to other people without having to give your cPanel login credentials.

Note: When you’ll want to create an FTP account, you might notice that your control panel may be slightly different depending on the theme you are using, but the steps are the same for all X3s.

To create an FTP account, follow these steps:

1. Log into cPanel, and in the “FILES” section click on “FTP Accounts”.

2. Specify the username you wish to use (preferably with no special characters).

3. After you may enter your password, it is highly recommended that you use the password generator that comes by default with cPanel, for maximum account security.

4. Next, you’ll find a “Directory” field, where you can specify a path, basically what it does is it will restrict the level of access for the account. You’ll only be able to access the directories and files inside that path but not outside it.

5. The right path to specify would be “public_html/“. Please note, if you wish to access a more specific path and have no idea what to put, then I suggest that you go back to the “FILES” section of your cPanel dashboard and access the “File Manager”, there you will be able to navigate through the directories and as you do you’ll be able to retrieve the path on the left sidebar.

Tip: for the directory, if you delete everything and enter a single “/“, the user will have access to your home directory (everything outside the public_html folder).

6. Now, you’ll need to specify the “quota”, the maximum amount of bandwidth an FTP user can use. I usually leave it at “unlimited”.

7. Lastly, you can use an FTP client like Filezilla to connect remotely to your server using the FTP account credentials that you’ve just created. And now you’re all set!

Note: Usually an FTP account is automatically created during your:

  • registration to a web hosting plan,
  • creation of a cPanel account,
  • creation of an addon domain,
  • creation of a subdomain,
  • or allowing anonymous FTP access.


That’s all! As you can see, using FTP is not that difficult 😉