6 Best Plesk VPS Hosting Providers

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If you are in search of a VPS, you might look for one that enables you to host more than 30 websites whether they are your websites or your client websites. The use of Plesk opens doors to countless Windows apps.

Our research shows that Vultr is the best Plesk VPS hosting provider overall in terms of price and performance.

This review provides an insight into the 6 deserving VPS Plesk hosts along with the features they offer.

6 Best Plesk VPS Hosting Providers 2023

If you buy a Plesk license from the Plesk website, it will cost you a high price. Therefore, it is advisable to get the Plesk license from one of the hosting providers mentioned in this review.

This is because these hosting companies get a special discount from Plesk.

1. Vultr

vlutr plesk hosting

Vultr provides the best overall cloud based VPS hosting that can be deployed in under 60 seconds. This Plesk VPS server is ideal for any personal or business websites or applications.

The Vultr team aims at reliability and with 15 years of experience, they have a dominant global presence.

vultr web edition se price

Vultr offers three different editions of the Plesk panel. One of the best things about hosting with Vultr is that you get to use the “Web Admin Edition SE” for free – You can use this edition for hosting 3 domains. You can try this option for free before signing up for a long term.

Best Features

  • Immediate cloud orchestration
  • 25 worldwide data center locations
  • Easy to manage cloud-based API
  • NVMe storage for faster website speed
  • Isolated VPCs for applications
  • Automatic backups
  • DDoS protection
  • 99.9% uptime SLA

Starting Price

When you want to sign up for one of the Plesk VPS, you are presented with these server options:

choosing a server

The basic server – ‘Optimized Cloud Compute’ is priced at $28/month.

choosing the os

Your next step is to choose the server type and server location. After this, you move on to the option where you can select the operating system. Here, there are two options for Windows servers: Windows Core Standard and Windows Standard.

Considering that you choose to opt for the Windows Core Standard Edition 2022×64, the additional price will be $28/month. This cost is included in the server price.

price of the basic vps plan

Considering that you opt for the basic server size, the cost will be $88/month which includes the license  cost – of $25/month. if you enable the Auto Backups, the cost will increase by $12/month.

2. OVHCloud

ovhcloud plesk hosting

OVHCloud offers unmanaged VPS servers with a wide range of operating systems and control panels. With the VPS Plesk server, you get a comprehensive web administration interface to manage your projects efficiently along with the best extra features. You are provided with root access to the server that allows you to configure your server according to your needs.

Plesk VPS server provided by OVH Cloud enables you to host multiple websites and servers through a single interface.

Best Features

  • NVMe SSD storage for faster speed
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Quick scalability
  • Auto backup solutions
  • Unlimited websites
  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple data center locations
  • 99.9% uptime

Starting Price

value plan pricing

The starting price of the basic plan of OVH Cloud is $5.52/month if you opt for a 12-month plan.

plesk debian price

When you click on ‘Order Now’, your next step is to select the operating system and in this section, the cost of the Plesk license is added – $6.

final cost including plesk license cost

After Adding the cost of the Plesk license, the final price of the server is $11.52/month.

3. Hetzner

hetzner plesk hosting

Hetzner provides cloud-based VPS hosting with a pre-configured Plesk Obsidian control panel. Numerous extensions are provided that make this web hosting ideal for administrators, developers, web hosts, and marketing agencies.

Although Hetzner was primarily located in Germany and Finland, they have also extended their services to Virginia, USA now.

Hetzner is known to provide robust technology, flexible servers, and pocket-friendly pricing.

Best Features

  • Firewalls for securing the hosting infrastructure
  • Reliable SSD storage
  • Local RAID 10 – High performance software
  • Snapshots for manual backups of the server
  • Backup copies of the server
  • Floating IPs
  • DDoS protection
  • 99.9% uptime

Starting Price

price of basic vps plan

The basic plan at Hetzner starts at €3.49/month. There is no minimum contract period, if you sign up for a Hetzner cloud server for less than a month, you only have to pay for the hourly charges.

plesk editions pricing

Hetzner provides 3 licenses for Plesk 12/Onyx/Obsidian. You can choose a suitable license depending on the number of domains that you have to manage and the type of functions you need.

plesk servers

NOTE: Hetzner provides Plesk only for the dedicated servers. You can locate a server with pre-configured Plesk.

server pricing with plesk

The price for the basic server with Plesk is €40.46 monthly. This includes the price of the Plesk license that you opt for. The price shown above is for a server with the Web Admin Edition.

4. DigitalOcean

creating plesk droplet

Digital Ocean provides a user-friendly platform for developers and business owners. A unique aspect of Digital Ocean is that you can create droplets (these are cloud VMs) to run any kind of workload right from mission-critical and resource-intensive apps to low-traffic websites. You can select an appropriate server from the wide range of cloud hosting solutions they provide.

Best Features

  • Host and manage multiple websites and applications
  • Single dashboard for managing the hosting environment
  • Firewall and broad security enabled by default
  • DigitalOcean DNS integration
  • Complete control and flexibility
  • Free daily backups
  • 99.95% uptime

Starting Price

cost of the basic server with plesk

You can easily create droplets with Plesk integration. The basic droplet price is $5/month. You can add the Droplet and the app platform as shown below:

final price of the server along with plesk

The pricing of every droplet you create includes Plesk Obsidian version 18.0 and a Proprietary Plesk License.

5. HeartInternet

heartinternet vps

HeartInternet provides self-managed virtual private servers with different configurations to suit your needs. You can customize these virtual private servers in various ways as you get root access for installing applications and editing the server files.

HeartInternet is a hosting provider from the UK that offers a wide range of hosting solutions focused on beginners and webmasters.

Some of the entry-level hosting solutions look a bit high-priced but you can try the services offered by this web host.

Best Features

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Email alerts for performance monitoring
  • One-click upgrades
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Global data centers
  • NVMe SSD storage for speed
  • Free weekly backups
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Dedicated IP
  • Free Setup

Starting Price

price of the basic vps hosting plan

The starting price of the basic plan with Standard RAM is £3.99/month.

final price of vps with plesk

When you select a 12-month term, the final cost that you will have to pay is £107.88 annually which comes to £8.99/month. This includes the cost of the Plesk control panel – £5/month.

6. Liquidweb

liquidweb plesk hosting

Liquidweb is a renowned Plesk hosting partner that is trusted by many websites worldwide. You can add Plesk to their dedicated and cloud servers. Liquidweb claims to offer web hosting that is secure and faster as compared to AWS, Rackspace, and Digital Ocean.

Although Liquidweb offers the best quality and features, its hosting plans are extremely high-priced.

Best Features

  • Server management through Mobile – Android, and iOS
  • SSD storage
  • Developer-Toolkit
  • Security core by Atomicorp
  • Language pack within Plesk for developers
  • 100% uptime

Starting Price

price of the basic windows vps hosting plan

The starting price of the basic Windows VPS hosting plan is $65/month if you opt for a 24-month term. The price of this plan is $90/month with a 12-month plan and $134/month if you opt for a monthly plan.

plesk pricing at liquidweb

Liquidweb provides a Plesk Obsidian license for $29.50 currently for the Windows VPS and this price is included in the VPS plan pricing.

final price of the server with plesk

Considering that you sign up for the 24-month plan, the total price that you will have to pay is $1560 on time and the price of Plesk Obsidian is included in this price.

Buying Guide For A Plesk VPS

It is important to select the most suitable Plesk hosting to ensure the best performance of your website and applications.

This guide provides crucial factors that you should consider for buying a VPS hosting with Plesk.

Virtualization Technologies

When you select a VPS, it is important to look for the best virtualization technologies.

  • Xen: enables flexible virtualization and it can function on the old and the less powerful machines as well.
  • KVM: is a kernel-based virtual machine that offers complete virtualization. With KVM various VPS instances can be set up with different operating systems on the same server. Check KVM providers
  • OpenVZ: enables the creation of multiple isolated environments on one physical server. These instances are referred to as containers and they have their file systems, processes, users, and virtual devices. Top Open-VZ providers
  • Hyper-V: This is a virtualization solution created by Microsoft. This technology relies on partitions and acts as a native hypervisor. The parent partition can also create child partitions with various versions of Windows and Linux.

Control Panel

Your choice of control panel depends on various factors like the applications that you want to work with, the operating environment, licensing fees, user-friendliness, capabilities, and performance.

It is important to intensively research the control panel options before you make a selection.


It is important to find out the efficiency of performance provided by the web host and by the VPS hosting plan that you want to select.

To ensure a good browsing experience, it is important to sign up for a VPS that offers the best performance and reliability.

Managed Or Unmanaged VPS

The choice of managed or unmanaged VPS hosting completely depends on the level of control you want over the server. For unmanaged VPS hosting, the user has to take care of the server responsibilities and the maintenance tasks. You need more technical expertise and dedicated in-house resources for working with an unmanaged VPS.

For a managed VPS, the server administration is completely taken care of by the web host, therefore it is suitable for beginners.

Brand History

It is important to know about the brand reputation of the web hosting company that you are considering.

You must research the factors like how long they have been in business, the web hosting solutions they provide, the efficiency of customer support, and the way they handle customer complaints. Choosing a reputed web host will ease the process of web hosting for you.


There are various VPS hosting options available, it is important to compare them in terms of features offered for the price they are asking for. Consider the cost of VPS hosting along with the Plesk license cost.

Ensure that you are paying a reasonable price for the services you are getting, there is no point in investing with a web host that demands a very high price.


When you consider the option of choosing an unmanaged VPS hosting and installing Plesk in it, it means that you will have to perform most of the maintenance tasks, security, and updates by yourself.

Therefore, it is important to analyze your decision completely before you opt for unmanaged VPS hosting.

If you don’t have the required skills or time for managing the technical responsibilities, then it is best to opt for a managed VPS host. Although managed VPS costs more than unmanaged VPS, it saves a lot of time and headache.

Making an informed decision about the web hosting plan is one of the most crucial aspects in the process of setting up a website, think about all the available options before you invest.

  • Best Choice For US: Vultr as they have data centers in Chicago and San Francisco.
  • Best Choice For Europe: OVHCloud, Hetzner – OVHCloud is headquartered in France and they offer various data center locations in Europe. Hetzner has data centers in Germany and Finland.
  • Best Choice For Asia: DigitalOcean as they have data centers in India and Singapore.

If you have any suggestions for the web hosts mentioned in this review, mention them in the comments section.

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