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Are you comparing various CPU models, and do you prefer AMD EPYC?

AMD holds an overwhelming advantage in everything from price to performance to wattage.

The AMD EPYC processors are known for their high performance and for managing even the most demanding workloads.

If you have been looking for AMD EPYC VPS hosting providers that provide the best value, price, and performance, this round review is for you!

6 Best AMD EPYC VPS Hosting

1. Vultr (Best Overall)

vultr amd epyc hosting

Not only is Vultr one of the best VPS hosting providers out there, but they are also the best overall VPS service that offers AMD EPYC CPUs. With eight different AMD-based VPS plans, they offer enough options to choose from.

Vultr is a highly reliable VPS provider known for high-performance servers. Despite their cheap pricing, Vultr boasts powerful servers.

vultr amd epyc vps plans starting price

The starting price of VPS at Vultr is $6/month – that is $0.009/hour.

VPS Features

  • Easy to use and affordable VMs for common workloads.
  • Optimized cloud compute with built-in NVMe SSD.
  • Free control panel.
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • A huge number of hosting plans with varying CPU cores, storage, and pricing.

2. AlphaVPS (Best Runner-up)

alphavps amd epyc hosting

AlphaVPS follows closely behind Vultr, with top-notch security and superior performance. The 7002 series 2nd Gen AMD EPYC CPUs used by AlphaVPS are among the best in the world.

The picture below shows that AlphaVPS bagged the 6th position in an evaluation carried out by PassMark to rank the best high-end CPUs.

passmark high-end cpus ranking

alphavps amd epyc vps plans starting price

The AMD EPYC plans at AlphaVPS start at €3.99/month.

VPS Features

  • Full root access and instant setup.
  • KVM virtualization technology.
  • Servers comprise EPYC CPUs, ECC DDR4 memory, and enterprise-grade NVMe storage.
  • 5 different operating systems to choose from – Windows, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, Debian, and Cent OS.

3. Linode

linode amd epyc hosting

Linode has been around since 2003, delivering quality service at reasonable prices. Linode puts the tough competition to cloud server hyperscalers like Google and AWS by achieving similar global availability and core services at affordable prices.

The integration of AMD EPYC has given Linode a significant upper hand, making them one of the best VPS hosting providers.

linode amd epyc vps plans starting price

If you opt for the shared virtual machines, the starting price is $5/month. Linode also provides a cloud pricing calculator where you can check the cost depending on the type of server you want and your hosting requirements.

VPS Features

  • Efficiently run containerized applications.
  • Balanced power and performance.
  • Dedicated instances for the CPU-intensive applications.
  • A vast number of plans – right from the cheapest to high priced.
  • Quick customer service response time.

4. A2hosting

a2hosting amd epyc hosting

This hosting provider also deserves special mention, thanks to their servers’ high-speed performance. With an average page loading speed of 286ms, A2hosting is one of the best VPS hosting providers. They also boast reliable uptime, round-the-clock malware scanning, server monitoring, quick customer support, and other perks.

IMPORTANT: However, although A2hosting offers six different VPS plans, Mach 8 and Mach 16 are the only servers running on AMD EPYC CPUs.

a2hosting amd epyc vps plans starting price

If you opt for managed hosting, the Mach 8 and Mach 16 servers have AMD EPYC Hosting; the Mach 8 server is priced at $59.99/month.

 a2hosting amd epyc unmanaged vps plans starting price

If you opt for unmanaged VPS hosting, only the Supersonic 8 server consists of AMD EPYC hosting, priced at $34.99/month.

VPS Features

  • Turbo servers up to 20x faster for improving rankings and handling 9x more traffic.
  • 2 free dedicated IPs.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server that is 11x faster than Apache.
  • Server locations in the USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee.
NOTE: If you consider hosting with A2hosting, you have to consider their high renewal rates.

5. Contabo (VDS)

contabo amd epyc hosting

Contabo has grown popular as one of the cheapest VPS hosting services while offering a nice set of features and a variety of hosting plans. Contabo drives quite a bargain with the attractive features in their VPS plans. However, if you choose Contabo, we recommend a virtual dedicated server (VDS) rather than a VPS plan.

This is because Contabo’s VD plans cost around the same as VPS plans with similar specs from other hosting providers.

contabo amd epyc vps plans starting price

The Cloud VDS plan at Contabo is priced at $49.99/month.

VPS Features

  • 100% enterprise NVMe storage.
  • Data center locations in the US, UK, EU, and Asia.
  • Create private networks and run your services in isolation.
  • Automate and manage the cloud resources through API.
  • DDoS protection.

6. Hetzner (Best for Europeans)

hetzner amd epyc hosting

If your website mainly caters to European users, Hetzner is a good VPS provider. Hetzner has data centers in Finland and Germany, with AMD EPYC™ 2nd Gen processors and NVMe storage for enhanced server performance. Additionally, they also have cloud servers in the USA.

hetzner amd epyc vps plans starting price

The basic plan at Hetzner (CX11 plan) with IPv4 is priced at €4.51/month.

VPS Features

  • Instantly create server instances, usually within 10 seconds.
  • Easily manage your Hetzner cloud with an intuitive interface.
  • Data center locations in Germany, Finland, and the USA.
  • Load balancer for scaling your applications quickly.
  • Assign primary IPs to your server.
  • Firewalls secure your infrastructure at no additional cost.
  • Create manual backups of your server with the snapshot feature.
  • DDoS protection.

Buying Guide For AMD VPS

buying amd epyc hosting

Choosing the right AMD VPS isn’t a decision you should make in a rush – there are several factors to consider. Here’s a quick buying guide to help you out:

Review Hardware Recommendations For Your App

  • Create a list of the primary applications you want to run on the server and review the hardware recommendations that every developer presents on the website. This will become a good guiding point, and some developers will identify a recommended CPU or clock speed for the software.
  • If the developer does not have any recommendations, you can use the search engines and the forums to check what hardware other users are using. If you are running multiple core applications, make sure that your selected CPU has sufficient resources for running all your applications.

Determine the Number Of Concurrent Users

  • CPU load will vary greatly depending on the number of concurrent users on the server. While one website may run on cPanel with a single 2.0GHz core, if you plan on hosting a thousand sites on one server, you will need to estimate the recommended CPU requirements accordingly.

Consider Future Growth

  • Based on your growth rate, you might know the number of concurrent users that will have to be accommodated on the server in 3-6 months. Make sure to choose a CPU that handles this growth unless you plan to add more servers in the future to handle more users.


Whether you are buying a new VPS server entirely or upgrading to a better one, choosing a suitable processor is essential. Hence, before you pick the processor, you should always consider how you plan to use the server.

This will help you narrow down the options, after which you can choose the correct server that fits your budget.

  • Best overall: Vultr – Best for the features offered, pricing, and security.
  • Best pricing: AlphaVPS – Affordably priced VPS plans.
  • Best features: Hetzner – Wide range of features for hosting websites and applications.


1. Is AMD EPYC good for servers?

Yes, AMD EPYC is currently one of the best CPUs for web servers. It is a competitive and differentiated product. It has some significant advantages that help in managing workloads.

2. What is AMD EPYC good for?

AMD EPYC is good for the highest-performing server processors. These processors deliver faster time to value across all the deployments and industries.

3. Is AMD EPYC better than Xeon?

While the initial AMD EPYC CPUs were competitors to Xeon, the latest ones are significantly better as they beat the Xeon core-to-core competition.

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