Offered by the Best web hosts of the moment, the Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a fairly widespread type of offer. It is not very expensive and it offers quite satisfactory performance. It is also used by many companies and webmasters to host websites. In the rest of this article, we will present the benefits of VPS hosting.

Before hosting a website, it is always advisable to find out about the different offers available in order to choose the offer that best suits you. This is precisely the first point that we will present before explaining the advantages of VPS hosting.

Why is it important to invest in a web hosting service?

Web hosting allows you to give a “physical residence” to your website or web application. It is indeed a means of storing your data or content on a server. It is thus possible to host your site from home. But it’s not really advantageous and reliable.

This is why it is better to subscribe to a web hosting service, which will also be more beneficial in terms of search engine optimization.

However, there are several hosting options that differ depending on the type of server. We’ll introduce the most popular ones right now before we discuss the benefits of VPS hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is by far the most common on the market due to its affordable cost. This web hosting divides a single server into several parts. These are made available to different clients who will share server resources.

Besides being the most affordable hosting, it is easy to configure and use, especially for beginners.

However, sharing the same server with others can affect the performance of your site. This type of hosting is not suitable for high traffic websites.

Dedicated Hosting

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With this type of hosting, you have a server for yourself, which means that all the resources are reserved for you. You will not have to share them with other customers. However, you need to have good computer skills for system administration. In addition, the cost is higher than that of shared hosting, which makes sense.

This hosting is preferred for large sites. All technical interventions are under the responsibility and the responsibility of the customer.

In case the latter encounters difficulties, he will have to manage them all by himself, which can quickly seem tedious. Fortunately, some providers like A2Hosting and inMotion offer managed services that lighten the task for the user. But this obviously has a cost!

Cloud Hosting

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Unlike another hosting (shared, dedicated), the Cloud does not rely on a single server, but on several. The best part is that the customer only pays for what they really use, which allows more flexibility. This type of hosting allows sites to withstand large variations in bandwidth requirements.

Cloud hosting implies that the data is hosted outside the company. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the provider does everything to properly secure this data. In addition, there is another server on the web that is more beneficial in general than the ones we have just discussed.

Indeed, apart from the hostings mentioned above, there is also the “Virtual Private Server”. You are probably wondering, what is it? Don’t worry, we’ll take care to define this term before presenting the benefits of VPS hosting.

Virtual Private Server: what is it?

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”. It’s a fraction of a fully independent hosting server with its own resources. This method is based on virtualization techniques dividing a physical server into a multitude of virtual servers independent of each other.

Each virtual dedicated server operates with its own operating system, its own software, applications, and functions. When a fault affects one of them, it will not affect the others at all. These will continue to function properly. This is one of the first big advantages of VPS hosting.

VPS is the ideal solution for websites that have growth exceeding the capacities of the shared server, but which are not yet able to be hosted on a conventional dedicated server.

All this makes it possible to stack the benefits of the dedicated server and those of the shared server: freedom of administration, performance, and security, all at a favorable price!

Why you should choose VPS hosting?

A2 Hosting VPS Managed

Now you know what a Virtual Private Server is. However, what is the advantages that will push you to opt for VPS hosting? The reasons are quite numerous and we present the main ones right away.

Administration freedom

The second advantage of VPS hosting is the fact that access to the kernel is included in the offer. In this way, the virtual private server offers the same level of autonomy as a conventional dedicated server.

It is possible to host your virtual server according to your real needs. In addition, you can configure your server, restart it or shut it down at any time. You don’t really depend on anyone!

Greater performance

The performance offered by this type of hosting is also one of the advantages of VPS hosting.

To this end, the customer who has subscribed to shared hosting is dependent on the traffic, audience, and activities of other subscribers. The case of the virtual dedicated server is really different. Here you have your own resources and you are completely isolated from other servers.

Your site will, therefore, display more quickly and be less prone to disruption.

Affordable price

Subscribing to this web hosting offer is not at all expensive, because with suppliers like A2Hosting, the price varies between $5.00 and $50 per month, depending on the RAM memory, the disk of storage, bandwidth, etc.

In fact, it all depends on the performance and resources you need for your website.

Secure server

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The last advantage of VPS hosting is related to the security that it will be able to offer you. Not only is your file system private, but also completely secure and inaccessible to other clients, regardless of the rights they have on the server.

In addition, and as on other types of offers, you will be able to take advantage of all the necessary protections (anti DDOS …).

When to choose VPS hosting?

For any type of web hosting, you need to get enough storage space to be able to create a website. Depending on the offers, you also have a certain number of mailboxes, databases, etc.

Most providers offer a free domain name to make your website accessible 24 hours a day. But when should you subscribe to a VPS server to take advantage of its other benefits?

VPS hosting is especially suited for advanced users who want to enjoy the excellent performance without having to opt for a dedicated server.

It is better suited to medium-sized online stores, community sites with many Internet users, or storefront sites and blogs with high traffic.


In summary, you have been able to discover the advantages of VPS hosting as we had exposed in the previous lines.

If you want a reliable, affordable environment server, it is definitely worth considering this type of hosting. It gives you access to guaranteed resources and full control.

Which is not luxury if you are looking for a certain quality, for an unbeatable price!